Memorial March

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The memorial for Jo-Anne Fuller and Ivan Polivka was today. Many thousands came to Tofino for this Memorial service to honour their lives.
In case you unfamiliar with the incident.
Both of them were coming back late from Port Alberni several weeks ago and ,for whatever reason,the ambulance went over a cliff and they both were killed .
Many groups were represented.
The weather once again reflected the mood of the town,…….gloomy.

Deer Hides

A friend phoned me today and told me she thought she saw a dead eagle at the waters edge where she lives.
I raced down there and found out that it wasn’t a eagle,but two deer hides !
Somebody had shot two deer, skinned them and threw the hides away. I thought that it was disrespectful to be so wasteful. Disrespectful to our nature as well.
We are the only species that wastes in nature! At one time ,we(Homo Sapien’s) not only used everything of the animal,but that it would be considered a great sin to throw anything away!
You can see a big bullet hole in the middle of the one on the right.