Before I headed out today,I checked the Satellite for the cloud situation. I saw a large coastal cloud system coming in from the south & knew that there was a very good chance that the light was going to go bye bye!
I went down to Gunner looking for bears & found zero. I continued on to Tranquil Creek to see if any bears were down in there? Lots of Chum salmon & yes I did see that Sow with one cub again. I see her every time I go down there! Did some video shoots with the Go Pro too. I’ve been getting underwater footage of the salmon swimming about! Very tricky to get it too! They’re always on the alert for anything getting close to them!
Headed back & saw that the Fog had moved in & that was all she wrote for the nights shoot folks! No light………no shots!
I took a few token shots of Romeo! Both him & Juliette flew out to greet me! She normally doesn’t bother!
Did one run & that was it!
Had no light or subject to shoot,so I just came back in.
I did get some good footage of the salmon,so It wasn’t a total loss!