Sunset Vista

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The sun had cast a shadow onto the beach by this time,but it was still shining on the mountains in behind.
It made the exposure tricky. The tide had gone out enough that I was able to wade out to Frank Island and shoot from a higher perspective.I wanted to be able to see those pink snow covered mountains in behind.

Wave Watching

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This is Sunset Point . You can see somebody sitting down up in the top left. They looked like they were just taking it all in.
Waves are constantly hitting this point and the explosions can be very large!
You can also see “Long Beach Lodge Resort” in the background.

Chesterman’s Snorkeling

I didn’t get out in the boat tonight.The wind was howling all day!
I decided to go out to Chesterman’s to see what was happening.
These two guys were snorkiling out by Frank Island. I just lined them up with Long Beach Lodge in the background.
Only a few shots tonight. Not much I’m afraid.
Tomorrow looks better.

Tofino Time

Many people come up here and just walk around our beautiful beaches!
These two were wading through this lagoonal like pond on Chestermans. I waited for a wave to crash onto Sunset Point in the background. You can also see Long Beach Lodge Resort in the background.

Sunset Point and Long Beach Lodge

20100823-20100823-IMG_6320I didn’t go out tonight in my boat. There were too many clouds. However,it did get nice a hour or so before sunset. The sun came out of a large cloud and it got sunny gold all over.
I did see it was going to happen and had enough time to ride out to Chesterman’s Beach.
The moon did come up in the east,but there was too many clouds blocking it near the horizon. It came out from the clouds well up into the sky.
I got a few shots tonight,but nothing remarkable.

Wind Surfing in Cox Bay

I used my big focal lens to compress this scene. The surfer in the foreground with the rocks of Sunset Point in the mid-ground and Long Beach hotel in the background.
I waited for the surfer to come into my scene a dozen times or so. Finally he did it when a large wave hit the rocks giving the icing to the cake for this shot.