20100211-20090427-20090427-20090427-IMG_3267I shot this on April 27th,2009. Lennard Island Lighthouse is a great spot for sunset. I almost never go out there during the winter. Way too rough!
I always try to get the sun in the background with the Lighthouse in the foreground. I cannot line them up in the winter anyways. The sun is too far south to be able to line up with the Lighthouse.

Lennard Lighthouse Sunset

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I knew that the sun was going to go through that clearing between the clouds and put myself in the best seat for the show!
It’s always exciting out by the Lighthouse.
I even saw a group of whales on the far side of the Lighthouse.(West about 2 klicks) I could see their blows highlighted against the darker clouds in behind them! It looked very temping to go over to them,but it was getting dark and I know a sucker shot when I see one.

Various Lighthouse/Storm Shots

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It was not only pouring today,but the wind was ripping as well!
I had to work out at the beach today and actually left without my camera because of the poor weather! I had second thoughts about that and decided to go back into my apartment and get my camera. I had remembered looking at the Satellite site and seen small clearings heading my way in a few hours?
Good thing I did,because the light “did” come in and these are the moments I live for!
“Being at the right place, at the right time,with the right equipment!” (that will be my epitaph)
I only had seconds however! The clearings were not only small,but the storm was moving fast! Which made the light in a constant state of flux!
I really didn’t think that I would get lucky,but sometimes when you just wait………Nature will unveil her beauty!

Side Light

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The wind was coming in on the same angle as the light,from the South West. It was strong enough to make me lose my balance several times.
Whenever I come onto a scene,I always sit down and watch for awhile to try to figure things out. All the info I need is out there,all I have to do is figure it out.
Today,I noticed the spot where most waves were breaking. I walked south on Frank Island to line the Lighthouse up with that spot.
I always do this. I have my subjects…….”A” and “B”. I simply line up A and B. The waves were the foreground subject and as always ,the Lighthouse is the background!
Trying to get a wave to crash when the flash in the Lighthouse was going off is always a hit and miss situation.

Wind Storm

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I strong North Wester blew in and was ripping up the waves. Lots of activity going on when the wind blows.
Everything feels so high in energy! Always very exciting to be around large waves.
I’m still on the look out for that one storm that hits much harder than normal! I hope that the wind storm will last at least two days? All of that wind energy is transferred into the water. Thats when the ocean starts to roar. You can hear that very distinctive roar miles inland!
Thats when I go to the Blow Hole!
One never goes there when they want……………Mother Nature needs to phone you and tell you that it’s all set for you!
In theory………in theory ,the best case scenario for me, is that the storm lasts longer than 24 hours(maybe 30-40 hours?) and than ,that night,the storm lifts and it clears for the morning light! That way I have good light for the Blow Hole. If you don’t have the light,than theres not much point is there? If you’ve never seen it going off,than yes,it’s worth it going down in all that rain,wind ,cloud to see this Monster going off!
I have been there hundreds of times and have many shots of all that kind of stuff. A waste really! It’s the colours that you want.
Because the Blow Hole faces to the west, the sunrise is no good! The mornings light is blocked by the forest. So that means you have to wait all day for sunset and pray that clouds do not move in?
I shoot all day when these very rare events occur! It’s absolutely the most amazing place to view a storm!
2 people have been killed there and I was hit once myself! I wasn’t injured,but I did lose my hat. I wasn’t looking around me on a constant basis and a rather large wave crashed 60 feet below me . It went up to 90 feet or so and came over top of the headland I was on! It hit me and I rolled. I tucked my camera inside my Jacket. I always leave my jacket open so as to keep my camera protected from all the salt spray(l look like Napoleon).
I had my rain gear on ,so didn’t get very wet. My face,head did get soaked. It was another exciting moment!
I lived to fight another day!

Coming Home

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While I was out at Frank Island,I noticed a fishing boat coming towards me from the south.
I looked around for a mid-ground subject and found these gulls on a small island. I waited for him to cross into my frame.
I than had to run to the south to catch him going by the Lighthouse.

Rooster Tails

The wind was screaming in from the NW and the waves were going to the NE. The tops of the waves was being torn apart by the wind. I call these “Rooster Tails”(Horse Tails as well)
If you get a series of waves Roostering, it can look cool,but you have to have a sunrise or sunset to highlight them from behind!

Beach Run

Many people run on the beach. They drive their cars to the beach and than go for a run. They would get more exercise if they rode a bike there and then go for a run,but thats just me. I’m biasis because I get around by using my bike.
Tofino is such a small town that a bike is perfect to get around on. We have a great bike path too, but almost everyone uses their cars.
Go figure…..


I found not one,not two,but three video cameras concentrating on these two surfers. They must be good to get their own video crew! I zoomed in on the guys and did not recognize them,but that doesn’t mean much.I know very few surfing faces anyways!
I went out to the beach today and dragged the camera along just for something to do. The light was terrible! I normally do not bother when the light is like this. But even I get bored!

Lennard Island Lighthouse Wave Sequence

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The sun came out a bit today! They weren’t really calling for that up to just yesterday!
I didn’t need to be asked twice! I got out to the beach. I couldn’t go out in the boat because the wind was up,and besides the light was muted at best! Not the best light ,but beggars can’t be choosy! I haven’t taken a shot in over a week! I was going buggy and took the opportunity right away!

I went out to Frank Island and lined myself up with the breaking waves and the Lighthouse in the background!
Only had a few subjects today……..but like I’ve said,”I can’t be too choosy”!

Rolling Along

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The waves were coming in from the SW,but todays wind was cutting across them from the NW.
You can only really see that emerald green colour from the water during winter storms. The waves have to increase to such a size that they become transparent! When you can see through them,you can see that beautiful green colour!

Lennard Lighthouse

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Because I couldn’t go out in the boat,I went out to Chestermans to see what was happening?
The tide was coming in,but I could still get over to Frank Island to sit in my favorite spot and watch the rollers roll in!
The light was mediocre at best and the waves could of been much larger,but hey… take what you can get!

Lighthouse Sunset

Well,I’m back in the saddle!
I just got back from my Christmas vacation and was greeted by a beautiful day/sunset at the beach!
I had a great time visiting my sister back in my home town! Another sister came down to visit acouple of times as well!
It’s always great to sleep in your own bed however.
Looks like we are in a small high pressure cell right now,so tomorrow should be just as good as today!
I want to get out in the boat to visit my friends!
Stay tuned folks

Miscellaneous Beach Shots at Sunset

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UPDATE ( Dec 21)- I have gone on a Christmas Vacation until the end of the month,so I will not be uploading anything until than.
Have a great time with your loved ones and good health to you all for the coming year!

Light Flash- Wave Crash Game

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On poor light days like today,I sometimes go out to the beach and play a game with the Lighthouse and the waves.
I try to shoot the waves crashing at the same moment the light flashes. Sounds simple,but it’s not.
The light has a 10-11 second cycle. I count to myself and it gives me a rough idea when it’s going to flash next.
I than watch the waves while I’m counting to myself and try to guess if it’ll hit at just the right moment.
I’ve gotten much better at it over the years. The waves were not too big today,but big enough to play.