The “Princess Colleen” had the “Leslie Ellen” in tow. Obviously the “Leslie Ellen” had engine problems.
I spotted them coming into the harbour from the north. They passed straight through the harbour & continued south. They probably were going to Ukee (Ucluelet).
I followed them as far as the Lighthouse & turned back.
I normally would not of gone out on a day like today. Diffused light with poor contrast is the worst to shoot in! The only shots good for this type of light are flowers,forest & nudes.
I only chase the golden light. Having said that,I had a cabin I wanted to go to & retrieve a few things from & today was perfect. I don’t want to waste any good light because of hiking through a thick forest!
So a cloudy day was perfect actually!
I also went to visit a friend. “Earth Mother”
Earth Mother “was” the largest tree in Clayoquot Sound up until a number of years ago! A large wind storm finally brought her down after a thousand years!
It was sad to see her all broken up but I understand these things are simply the way of Nature! It will become a very large “nurse log” for the next thousand years! All the nutrients will be absorbed by many bushes,ferns & trees.
I didn’t shoot much today folks. I might be able to get out this coming week?