Bloom in Gods Pocket (Lemmens Inlet)

I went up in a plane today and took some aerial’s.
I didn’t notice this when I shot it,but it would appear that a plankton bloom was happening in Lemmens Inlet in a spot locally called “Gods Pocket”. The bloom is that red colour and can wipe out fish farms. There are no fish farms around Lemmens,but there are many oyster farms.
They happen in the summer when the waters get warm and the bad plankton increase.

Lemmens Inlet

I’ve always liked this angle & continue to shoot this year after year !
This shot is a good example of what I call “the sandwich”.
A good shot will have three important divisions. Foreground,Mid-ground & background. Thats why I call it a sandwich. Two pieces on the outside & one in the middle.
You can get away with one,but the subject has to be something really good. Two are normally what we have,but finding three is a challenge.
Now ,granted the Mid-ground in this shot isn’t exactly what I would call stellar,but it still works. If the Coast Guard Cutter was coming through in the Mid-ground,yes,that would be perfect.
I think I do have a shot like that ! Stay tuned to see if I come across it as I put my shots on this Blog.