20130112-IMG_210520130112-IMG_211320130112-IMG_2106I was hoping to get out today but the clouds conspired to keep me land bound! I saw a thin clearing near the horizon & knew the sun would make a short appearance near sunset. I headed out to Chesterman’s beach to see what was happening? Not too many people out & about for sunset tonight.
Not much in the way of subject material either,but “10% of something is always better than 100% of nothing” I always say!

My Kite

I went out to Chesterman’s today and flew my kite. I fly a CDN flag off of the line. It helps to control the kite from wandering. It also acts like a rudder and looks cool. Very patriotic.
I plan on getting a bigger Canadian flag and a normal size B.C. flag, in time for Canada Day. That should look great.
I wanted to fly every flag of the Provinces and Territory’s as well,but that was going to cost alot! ($1000) I’ll settle for just a B.C. flag and a larger Canadian flag for now.

I had some friends hang onto the kite while I rode further down the beach to take a shot. I wanted to make the Lighthouse look closer,so I used my big lens to compress the scene.