20130512-IMG_206820130512-IMG_207020130512-IMG_207520130512-IMG_207820130512-IMG_208120130512-IMG_2074It was overcast today,so I thought I’d head on over to Ken Gibson’s garden to see how the Rhodo’s were coming along?
The best light to photograph flowers is on a overcast day. Preferably after a bit of a rain too.
Ken’s garden is beginning to show it’s colours! Always so nice to walk among all of his beautiful Rhododendrons!

Ken Gibson’s Garden

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The light today was very diffused and the only thing I shoot when it’s that way are flowers,forests and nudes!
Ken Gibson has the largest Rhododendron garden you have ever seen! It’s a remarkable achievement and must demand alot of attention.
People come here by the bus loads specifically to walk around Ken’s garden!
The Rhododendron’s are coming into season and they will give a magnificent display for a month or so!
He lives up on 4rth St. and welcomes people onto his property. Bring your camera and remember that the best days to shoot something like this is on overcast days. Maybe even rainy ones?