Kimoto & Komatsu

I’m not sure what is going on here?
On the far left is what I believe to be the Mother? Kamejiro. (I’m not sure of the spelling?) She lived to be 51 years old.
It looks like she had a son when she was 43. Yoshio M. He appears to of died 3 years later! She would of been 45 than and it must of been hard on her!
On the right is someone named Kijiro. I do not know if this is a male or female? I’m not familiar with Japanese names? Sorry.
If this is the father,he was a younger father. She would of been 43 and he 24 when they had little Yoshio in 1925.

Notice the porcelain flowers under the glass dome. The dome is protected by a iron cage. It stops falling tree debris during wind storms.

Update:         “Hello, Kamejiro Kimoto is my maternal grand-father (on the far left). His wife was Tama Kimoto (nee Yanai) and her gravesite is in Toronto at the Mount Pleasant Cemetary. Kamejiro passed away at the age of 51. His son Yoshio M. (Major) was his youngest son out of ten children (four daughters: Frances (Omori), Mary (my mom) (Madokoro), Patricia (Kobayashi), Margaret (Sora) and six sons: Harold, Robert (Bobby), Tom, Jack, George, Major). Little “Major” accidentally drowned and that must have been so sad and difficult for my grandparents and my mom and her siblings. The Kimoto family has lived on the West Coast (Tofino and Ucluelet) since the 1920’s (except for the 1942 evacuation and internment of Japanese Canadians and their lives prior to returning to the coast in the 1950’s).”

I have no knowledge about the person with the surname of “Komatsu”.

Marlene Madokoro Mortensen   (March 1st,2016)