20150218-IMG_0483It was suppose to be a poor day today for weather but turned out much better than expected………or so I thought?
I headed out & decided to hang around near Tofino. I went down to Tsapee Narrows. No sooner had I gotten there when I noticed a large cloud system moving in from the west! I knew instantly that the light was going to go bye bye! It happens sometimes. I head out & the light gets snuffed!
I took a few shots of the Daredevil & Delilah. I saw that big shadow creeping eastward towards me & knew I didn’t have much time! I took what I could & once that shadow reached me at Tsapee, I headed back to town.
I had taken my gas can along to get refilled. I was pulling into the local marina when I noticed a Blue Heron close by. I shut the engine off & used the parked boats as cover to sneak up. It worked! As long as I didn’t move when it saw me,I was ok. When the Heron sees no movement,it figures I’m no threat & continues searching for food.
The light was poor when I took those shots. You can see how the colours don’t stand out.
Once filled up,I came back in. Short shoot today! Spent more time putting the boat/gear & taking it back out than shooting.
It happens. Always great to get out!


20131024-IMG_975620131024-IMG_9765I got out much later than what I would of preferred! Had to work.
Having said that,I did get out & went up into Fortune Channel looking for bears. Tranquil was out of the question today because of me leaving so late! I also knew that finding a bear would be tough! It was high tide! When the tide is high,the bears cannot get at the rocks!Tiny Rock Crabs are hiding under them!
I haven’t been up in Fortune for awhile actually. I’ve been busy going down to Tranquil. Tomorrow,I’ll do Tranquil.
As expected……….no Bo Bo’s tonight! Headed back to Tofino. I stopped off at Tsapee to visit with the Daredevil & Delilah. Delilah was around but the Daredevil wasn’t! I haven’t seen him in awhile & am getting worried. It’s not like him? Maybe tomorrow?
Said goodnight to Delilah,she wasn’t in the mood to party!
Went over to Morpheus Island to visit with Moe & Maggie. Maggie was home,but Moe was absent!
I’m beginning to wonder if the boys were all out on the town! Maggie has always had a smile for me,unlike Delilah. She’s a bit distant!
Took some great shots of Maggie coming in with Meares island as a beautiful backdrop! Said goodnight to her & went on to visit with Romeo & Juliette.
I was very happy to see both Romeo & Juliette flying over to greet me!! Having Romeo greet me is always fantastic but having them both fly over to greet me is just pure magic!
Spent some quality sunset time with my buddy Romeo! He really is the KING of eagles. Nobody messes with Romeo!

I did get out later than normal & found no bears,but it’s always an adventure getting out in the wilds of Tofino folks!

The “Harvest King”

I got out today. It was one of those classic sunny winter days that I just long for!
I went straight down to Cannery Bay to check on my Lion friends. I took some tasty soup for lunch as well. I just shut the motor off & slowly drifted. I had my lunch with my friends. The loud barking they make was producing a echo from the surrounding hills! I would never camp down here when they are around! I would never get any sleep!
I finished lunch & took a few shots but couldn’t get close to them. There was 6 or 7 of them swimming,jumping about. Which is fine and dandy until one of them lands on top of me accidentally! They don’t seem to be aware of me being there when they are in the water playing. So I gave them some distance.
I contiued on & went over to Tranquil Inlet. I went up to the cove & just hung out looking around at all the beauty!
I stopped at Rankin Rocks on the way back out & found a flock of Dunlin’s. Cute little guys!
I than went to Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Dardevil & Delilah. Not much activity tonight.
I than went straight to Deadman Island because I could see that the light was about to go. I always like good light with Romeo & Juliette! I save the best for last!
They both were very active tonight & Romeo once again flew over to greet me! He landed on his rock & did a few chirps.
The Calendar says the full moon is tomorrow night but it looked pretty full tonight. The sun had set by the time it came over Meares Island,so I couldn’t use it. I’ll have to wait another month to be able to shoot it again.
I was constantly looking for either Salty or Pepper today,but to no avail I’m afraid. Wolfs are very elusive & Cougars are even more so! I have never seen a Cougar! Being a ambush predator they always are in camouflage mode. Very rarely do they show themselves.
Another outstanding day to be alive in Clayoquot Sound folks!

The “Harvest King”

The Harvest King is a cargo boat for Creative Salmon. A local Fish farm company.
The boat was coming from Indian Bay & going over to the Warne Island farm.
This shot shows how expansive the inlet actually is. Tofino Inlet goes several miles further down to Deer Bay.


The winter solstice happened today!
The sun did come out and I also got out myself to take advantage of it,even though I didn’t think I was going to be able to when I woke up this morning?
I woke up around 4:30am today and checked the cloud cover. It showed a large cloud system moving in from the north! I was choked & disappointed!
However,by noon the cloud had thinned enough & I don’t need to be told twice!
I headed out and went straight down Tofino Inlet to the Lions. After arriving I was pleasantly surprised to find that their numbers had doubled in the span of only a few days! Today was the first day that I’ve seen them hauled out in areas other than the two rocks!
I saw two large groups of Lions just floating and laying still. They had their flippers & or tails out of the water! They were all trying to warm up while hanging out.

The clouds started to move in and snuffed the light. So I decided to head back into town. I wanted to visit with some of my feathered friends.
I went to Deadman Island to visit Romeo & Juliette. Romeo saw and intercepted me unexpectedly! He circled in behind me and went straight for the island to await my arrival! He does that sometimes? I love it when he does it!
I sat there and had a snack while watching them and the Solstice sunset. Tomorrow is going to be 5 seconds longer. The Solstice happened at 9:30pm Pacific Time.
As always,……..It was another great adventure out in the wilds of Tofino!

This is the “Harvest King” leaving Creative Salmon’s Warne Island Fish Farm. It’s the cargo boat for Creative Salmon’s farms.

Harvest Moon!

This is the “Harvest King”. She was leaving the harbour early in the morning with the full moon setting in the West.

I got out twice today! Whenever the moon is setting,I always get out”IF” I can? I did the early morning shoot with the setting moon and also the normal afternoon’s shoot as well!
The moon is setting so far north that I couldn’t line up the Lighthouse with it! I could line them up if I went out in my boat,but thats just plain dangerous!
I would have to go out before sunrise in the dark and the ocean at this time of year isn’t exactly calm.
I settled for a harbour shoot hoping that something of interest would wander by?
The moon set and I got ready for the afternoon’s shoot down the Inlet.
I went to see what the Lions were up to and once again,there were no Lions! They must be off eating while the tide was high? Or they are further down the inlet? I am going to go down to Deer bay to check things out. Deer Bay is at the very end of Tofino Inlet. It’ll probably take me around 90 minutes just to get there. Thats 3 hours travel time alone! I do not do this very often as a result.
After being disappointed with no Lions out and about,I went back into town to visit with my finely feathered friends. The light was perfect and this time I was able to get back in time for the sunset! When the Lions are around ,I loose track of the time and always seem to stay too long with them! I end up missing the sunset!
Romeo and Juliette were not home which I found ODD! However,it appears that they are building a new nest in their old spot!
Their nest fell to the ground 2 years ago and they ended up building a nest in another tree. I didn’t like the location because I couldn’t see anything!
It would appear that they didn’t like it either and are building a new nest in the same spot as the old nest. Great news for me! I’ll be able to see them & their eaglets alot better!
All in all a busy day for me!

The “Harvest King” Cruising

When I came around the SE corner of Meares Island,she was heading towards me, going back into town.
This use to be their harvest boat but could not get it passed by the Gov,so they bought another boat (the Tamanawas) to do the job.
The Harvest King does not “harvest” anymore and instead has been delegated to carry cargo only.

“Harvest King”

On my way down to Cannery Bay ,I came across the Harvest King coming back into town around Tsappee Narrows.
I could tell they were loaded down with salmon. The bow was plowing!
This boat is owned by “Creative Salmon” and is their harvest boat. I happen to know their schedule and as result also know that they were full of freshly harvested Chinook salmon!
They will tie up at the dock and than unload the salmon tomorrow for processing at the plant(Lions Gate).