I’ve noticed many of these Harbour Seals show signs recent wounds.I now believe its not from predators but from infighting amongst themselves.Strange thing is I’ve never seen them fighting while up on the rocks.So my only conclusion is that they must fight while in the water where they are far more maneuverable?



When I shot this I didn’t know that there was a pod of Orcas in the area.You can bet that these guys wouldn’t be relaxing like this if those Orcas were swimming around!

There are two distinct groups of Orcas.One group eats animals like this (warm bloodied) & the other group eats only salmon.The “Transients” eat seals/sea lion while the “Residents” eat the salmon.


I was able to get close to these guys because I used a large rock in front of them as cover to approach!
I went by them & when that rock blocked their sight of me,doubled back straight in! I shut the motor off when I was beside that rock & slowly allowed the wind to drift me out past that cover rock. I didn’t move when I became “exposed”! They freak when that happens! By not moving it gives me a few seconds until they figure out what I am & scoot! Long enough to to get the shots!

Harbour Seal Haulout

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Mainstream (Fish Farm company) wants to put a fish farm very close to this Seal Haul Out!
Mainstream wants to put a farm near Plover Point,Meares Island! These Seals will naturally go investigate and be promptly shot!
I’ve seen it happen many times when I use to be a Fish Farmer and because it’s always a head shot,they die instantly!
Mainstream should stop expanding it’s tenures in Clayoquot Sound! They already are too big for this area!
There are only two Fish Farm company’s up in Tofino. Creative Salmon and Mainstream,with Mainstream being 10 times larger!