Gulls Perching in Trees

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I was able to get out tonight but because the fog moved in,I was fearing that I was wasting my time?
I have to make a call as to whether I’m going out that night around 6pm. It takes alot of effort & work to launch my boat and if there is no light than there are no pictures!
A shot without good light is mediocre at best. Right place,wrong time basically.

I was hoping to find Salty and her pups again but to no avail.
Tofino was socked in with Fog and I could see some light to the east of me (Grice bay) and continued towards the east to check it out.
Turns out that there was pure sunshine from the eastern shore of Meares Island onward! I decided to go up to Mosquito Harbour. That is up Fortune Channel and is the NE corner of Meares Island. A old saw mill use to be there around 1900 or so? The only thing left are some pilings from the dock they had.
I didn’t see much up there except these birds. I remember seeing these birds last year in the very same trees.They must be getting ready for bed. Birds will normally fly to islands where there are no ground predators and stay the night. These trees seem to be the Gull’s territory.
(All animals are territorial,we just happen to be the worst of them all!)
I went back into Tofino’s Harbour and discovered that the sun was about to come out! Amazing!!
It looked fantastic! I got lucky and took advantage of it!
It was a great night out ,even if I did not see my furry friends.

Sunset Flights

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I’m glad I got out this morning for the moon shots,cause I didn’t get out in the boat tonight! The clearing was coming from the north with that Arctic cold front and was forcing all the clouds to move south. Unfortunately they seemed to stall about a mile north of Tofino and they just stayed there and the clearing did not continue to advance to the south. I was ticked,but I’ve seen this happen before. You just roll with it. So I went out to Chestermans for the sunset. I knew that the sun was going to come through alittle near sunset.
I use the camera Long Beach Lodge has on it’s roof. It looks to the west and gives me not only a real time idea as to what is happening exactly out at Chesty,but I can also tell what direction the clouds are moving by comparing the updated shots!
It really helps.
For instance…….. I saw this morning on the camera that the moon was above the horizon and the cloud system was moving to the south. All the clouds had gone and the moon was not going to be obstructed! That was enough for me. I got dressed warmly and headed down to the harbour to shoot the moon.

These clouds are called Crepuscular or otherwise known as “God Rays”. I was trying to track these Gulls when they flew in front of them. Tricky to try to track something so small and so far away !