“Scar” was eating away calmly when he got spooked & took off like a bat out of HELL! He almost skipped across the water like a thrown stone! Than after a few seconds,he was chewing away calmly again! I think he heard something in the forest behind him? The wind was up a bit & the forest does make sounds.

Miss Danielle

The Miss Danielle was heading out and I got these God rays in the background behind her.
To get God rays you basically need clouds that are very close together. Small holes in between the clouds allow sunlight to get through and than you need the projection screen.
Which is moisture! You need high humidity,or alot of dust suspension. This beams will come through and the projection screen of moisture lights up!

Paddle Surfing

I got lucky and the clouds were great. We call these kind of clouds “God Rays”. I’m sure you understand why!
The only foreground subject I could find was this Paddle Surfer. I didn’t have enough time to get over to the far south side of Frank island and shoot the Lighthouse with these Rays above it. I was too far north to get them over the Lighthouse.

God Rays

These clouds are showing what I call God Rays. Beams basically!
I love this kind of light. However,when they happen you have to be at a spot that has something in the foreground! It’s fantastic for wallpaper,but on it’s own it’s mediocre at best!
I always joke with my friends when I see something like this ,that it would look much better with a nice nude out in front!
Something like that could elevate this shot into a much higher state of eye candy!