20121002-20121002-IMG_703020081014-20081014-20081014-IMG_6616I want you all to watch a short salmon video that was uploaded to YouTube recently! I’ve been working on this technique for several years now!
The trick is to get close to the salmon but not to spook them! After trying many ideas & getting mediocre results,I created a filming device I call a “Drift Rig”! I basically used a 2X4 with two “ready rod” going down the centre. At the bottom of this ready rod is a small wooden base & that is where I secured the Go-Pro.
I go upstream until I find a school of salmon. I than slip further upstream of them & release the Go Pro! I call it “Salmon Curling”.
Once I release the Go Pro,it’s at the mercy of the current! I have no control over the speed,direction or orientation! It’s a “by guess By golly” hold your breath kind of thing! If I’ve guessed right,I can usually make the camera go right through the centre of the school!

At any rate check out the video. You won’t be disappointed!

Oh,btw,these are “Chum” salmon,except at the end there are a few bigger darker salmon & they are Chinook…….plus, one lonely Cutthroat trout!