I went up to Freedom Cove yesterday. Freedom Cove is a beautiful spot where Wayne Adams and his partner (Katherine) live on a floating garden! Their son Shane also lives there.

Wayne is a famous carver. His works of art are not only highly sought after but are world renown. His speciality is carving of whale bone as well as Woolly Mammoth tusk!

Wayne and his family have called this cove home for over 30 years. A unique paradise to say the least.

Unfortunately Wayne passed away last week. Many of us made a pilgrimage to Freedom Cove yesterday (Tuesday,April 26th,2023) to celebrate his life! It was heartwarming and not without tears.

His wife Katherine gave his eulogy. She mentioned his favorite bird were Hummingbirds and wouldn’t you know it, seconds later a Hummingbird zipped past her!

We all shared our favorite stories of Wayne and then feasted.

I recently bought a drone and thought I’d take a video of the cove and surrounding area. It’s a great video showing the entire cove and floating gardens.

Wayne will be greatly missed!