In this video you’ll see “Fran” standing on top of a Sea Lion carcass. Fran is a teenager about to become an adult. Eagles get their adult colours at 5 years of age. You can still see some streaking in her head feathers.Dead give away she’s around four and a half years old? She’s also the offspring of Frank and Frieda. So she is tolerated. If she was a stranger she would most likely be chased away. If she kept coming back,she probably would be attacked! But because she’s part of the family she has a life long membership to come back any time! Fran see’s her father coming over and backs off. Frank is telling her to EAT and go.

Turn the sound up and listen to the sounds Fran makes.

In this video it shows a immature eagle eating. Its early, (5:38am) so I guess its breakfast. This male eagle looks around 3 to 4 years. Another Immature comes in to attack! I recognize this eagle. Its one I’ve called “Ruffles”. I call him that because of the ruffled feathers on his back. He’s a bully. I’ve seen him do false charges at the Ravens.

In this video it shows Ruffles just a few minutes after attacking the other Immature eagle. I think the other eagle is one I’ve called “Rusty” but am not sure? There are half a dozen Immatures feasting on the carcass. Ruffles takes exception to Rusty(?) hanging around waiting for a bite… he chases him off!

I’m not that familiar with Frank and Frieda to be honest. What I do know is If it was Frank or Frieda they wouldn’t walk slowly up to the carcass. This male eagle is taking his time,so that tells me he’s not Frank. I suspect this male is poaching,so he’s very alert!

There is one thing I found odd with this video? This eagle did not trip the cameras motion sensor. The camera began shooting way before this eagle arrived. So what tripped the sensor?

I like the light in this video.


20150114-Chesterman Pano #2I made a slight error today! I was about to head out in my boat with my camera bag already on my back,when I thought I’d check the Satellite weather site to see what was going on? I saw a bank of cloud coming in not more than a 100 clicks SW of Tofino. I verified that with a local beach camera. It looks westward.

I need the light to take my shots! If there is a bank of clouds moving in that’ll block the light I see no reason to head out! It takes a lot of effort to carry my boat down to the water,the engine & all my gear! I decided that we were most likely going to loose the light in a hour or so…………………… no point in going out!
I decided to go out to the beach instead. The beach is always a great Plan B.
I went out to the beach & quickly realized that those clouds I saw on the Satellite site were dissipating as they approached the coast line!
Basically,the light was going to stay good & yes I could have gone out in the boat! Mother Nature suckered me! She’s always keeping me on my toes!
I hate making the wrong calls,……………but I still saved the day with some good beach shots!


20130112-IMG_211920130112-IMG_2121Frank & Frieda are the resident eagles on Frank island. Frank was on his normal perching spot but I didn’t see Frieda nearby?
Frank has had a problem with his throat. I see him try to chirp & nothing comes out! It’s like he’s a mute! He looks funny when he trys & nothing comes out!
However,I could hear him making a squeaking sound tonight! His voice is getting better! He still sounds pretty funny!
I’d like to think he was trying to say hello to me in his own way!

Frank on Frank

Frank or Frieda are almost always on their nest tree. The only time I do not see them on their nest is when it’s windy!
I woke up very early this morning (5am) & rode my bike out to the beach in the dark for one reason & one reason only! I wanted to shoot the moon set/sunrise!
Specifically,I wanted to get a shot of the full moon hanging directly above the Lighthouse! Unfortunately the moon’s orbit was too far south! I couldn’t line them both up! It’s a matter of geometry really.
Think of the moon as being point “A” & the Lighthouse as being point “B”. By lining up A & B I get point “C”.(in theory)
Because the moon was too far south,I couldn’t find point “C”!
I was able to get a shot of Frank silhouetted against the moon however!
This shot shows the reverse angle 8 hours later.
I’ve found out the best times to shoot the Moon is 3 days before being full & the morning after it was full.(moon rise/sunset & moon set/sunrise)
It’s all about having the moon near the horizon & having golden sunlight bathing the surrounding terrain!
If all your doing is shooting the moon by it’s self up in the sky,than that’s an Astronomical shot & there are billions of those!
I try to get the moon contrasted against a interesting background. The time window is about 20 minutes! The moon is not too faint & not too bright. It has to be in the “Goldilocks Zone”!


I got up early this morning (5am) to shoot the moon set/sun rise out at the beach.
The plan was to get a shot with the full moon directly above the Lighthouse,but alas the moon’s orbit was too far south to line them both up.
I did however get some shots of both Frank & Frieda in their nest tree on Frank Island!
Once again,Frank felt me looking at him (I was about 5-600 meters away) & he bugged out! You can see Frieda hiding down near the tree.

Best Buds!

This is a local with her dog. Devo & Bella. They happened to come out to Frank Island when I was there shooting. I asked if I could take a few shots of them both? She said sure.
The Light was fantastic for only about 30 seconds! The sun came through all that cloud and made them snap,crackle & pop! The snow in the background was the icing to the cake!
When they first came out onto the island,Bella had started barking at me! She must of been at least 500 meters away and just knew that I was trouble!
She later came over and to say hi sheepishly.

Frank & Lennard Lighthouse

In hindsight……..I made the wrong call!
I thought the clouds were going to move in and so I didn’t go out in my boat.
The clouds turned out to be not that thick and yes I should of gone out!
Oh well…….. Can’t always be at the right place at the right time!
I did however get some great sunset surf shots at the south end of Chesterman’s Beach!

This is a shot of Frank heading over to his nest.