I did get out today & it might be the last time for this week? The forecast for tomorrow & the rest of the week is strong winds! That means I won’t be going out! The wind is my bain!
I went up into Fortune Channel,Gunner Inlet & Grice Bay for bears & didn’t find a single one! Very disappointing to say the least!
To make matters worse,it had been sunny all day & than a large cloud system moved in & snuffed the light!
I was striking out today!

As soon as I got out in the harbour, I saw this floathouse being towed to it’s Summer location. Looked like a moving party was going on!
They moved it to the northern side of Nielsen island.
I have never seen that tug boat before? Must be from else where?

Hidden Floathouse

I was poking about in a spot called “Irvin Cove” & came across this float house. A pretty small one but well built! It was placed in a spot where it was hidden from view but the Government found it last week!
The owner should be aware that a notice from the Gov is on his door! It was issued January 27th of this year. It appears they are cracking down on float houses. Too many problems I suppose?
With the cost of living being what it is,many people cannot find or afford housing in Tofino! These types of living arrangements attract only the hearty souls!
I too would love to have one! I even have a spot picked out.
UPDATE : I have since found out that this is owned by Gord with the “Resolution”.


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I got up early today and thought I’d head out to capture the New Year Day’s sunrise! It was so poor last night and went out with a whimper that I thought it might come in with a better bang!
It did and I was there, it was a great sunrise!