20141214-IMG_279420141214-IMG_2798I can’t say I’ve ever heard of this tug,but I strongly suspect the captain knew who I was & what I was doing! He came out of the helm & poised for me! I don’t get that that often,but hey………….thanks!
It looked like he was towing “Chunder”? Chunder is dead fish from the fish farms. I think he was going down to Barryman point to unload? By doing it way down there,they avoid bringing it into town. Chunder has such a strong smell to it!!


The wind was down today so I was able to get out! The last two days had strong westerly’s!
The tide was high as well,so I already knew that the number of bears out & about would be reduced considerably! Having said that,I did come across three!
A Sow/cub (Maw & Chubby),& a single adult!
I found “Maw” & “Chubby” in Fortune Channel & that other single bear in Gunner Inlet. The sun has shifted much further south! When I left Fortune Channel to go over into Gunner Inlet,I could clearly see several klicks away that it was already in shade! There is a ridge to the SW of Gunner that is now blocking the light when the sun gets low! I’ll have to go into Gunner first from now on.
I returned into the harbour for sunset & noticed that there were few clouds for the sunset. I went to Deadman Island to visit with Romeo & was surprised to find Juliette!! She & Romeo did fly over to greet me! however,that was it for Juliette’s greetings for the night. She just sat in the tree watching Romeo & I.
Spent some quality time with them both at any rate! The sun set & said goodnight to them both.
A good night’s shoot!

The “Pacific Spray” was heading out to do a harvest. It’s the harvest boat used by “Mainstream” at their fish farms.

The “Harvest King”

The Harvest King is a cargo boat for Creative Salmon. A local Fish farm company.
The boat was coming from Indian Bay & going over to the Warne Island farm.
This shot shows how expansive the inlet actually is. Tofino Inlet goes several miles further down to Deer Bay.

Ocean King Harvesting

This is one of Creative Salmon’s fish farms. It’s the Warne Island farm. Warne Island is located several miles east of Tofino down Tofino Inlet.
This boat is called the “Ocean King” and is doing a harvest.
The “Tamanawas” is the normal boat that does Creatives harvests,but it ran aground and the hull was damaged.
While the Tamanawas is away being repaired,the Ocean King has been hired to do the harvests.
NOTE- I shot this yesterday. Too many clouds today to take any shots.

Chunder Heron

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On the way back to town,I went by Creative Salmon’s Fish Farm up in Fortune Channel. This Heron seems to like hanging out on this farm.
I shot this as I went by at a high rate of speed. If I stopped it would of taken off.
These totes contain dead fish. It’s called “Chunder” and stinks to high heaven! If you get any of it on your clothing,you might as well throw it out!

Take A Guess?

Try to figure out whats going on before reading any further……….

This barge is anchored in the harbour.They’ve already loaded it so that it’s ready for transport tomorrow morning.
It is own by Mainstream. A Fish Farm for Atlantic Salmon.
What they’ve done is loaded the barge full of fish feed. Thats what those large white bags are.
They’ve attempted to tarp the feed to keep the Gulls at bay,but I don’t think it’s working. The Gulls aren’t stupid. They know that there is feed there and they peck at the sides to open it up. The tarps are going to be full of Gull droppings! A very messy affair I bet!
A crane lifts these large bags into a Hopper. Fish feed comes in different pellet sizes. The larger the fish they are feeding,the larger the pellet size.When the fish are very small they eat what is called “Crumble” or very small pellets.
It takes about 4 lbs of wild fish to make a Salmon put on 1lb! Thats a 4 to 1 ratio.