Romeo was minding the nest! I do not think they have any eggs yet,but I strongly suspect they will be coming soon!
They both are displaying some nesting behavior!
I also see that their “old” nest has been rebuilt & up to code by the looks of it!
Looking forward to seeing their eaglet’s this year!

“Juliette” on the Deadman Island Nest

This is “Juliette” at Deadman’s nest. As you can tell by the colour of the light,it’s sunset.
I like shooting here because it’s open to the west & I can get lots of warm light on these guys(Romeo too) Plus theres an added bonus. Because they have become use to marine traffic(the channel/marine highway goes right in front of their nest) they are not as skittish as other eagles. In other words,you can get closer & not disturb them . They’ll let you know when your too close. They just take off. Thats when I back off.

Juliette & her Two Eaglets

These are the two Romeo and Juliette had in 09. I think the one on the left is a male and the one on the right is his sister.
They semi hang around at this time of year. Mom and Dad want to have another year of offspring and they will not tolerate their young being around! I have seen them around(immature) and the parents will tolerate them,but it’s not the rule. I think some parents are more laid back than others!