20141129-IMG_1483I noticed this awhile back actually. It’s hard to see from this angle but Cam & Carla’s nest has slumped! When that happens the nest is abandoned!
Cam & Carla live down in front of Cannery Bay. Kennedy lake empties out right there. I haven’t seen them around but to be honest I do not go down into this area a lot. During the winter when the Lions are home but other than that,no.

Frank on Frank

Frank or Frieda are almost always on their nest tree. The only time I do not see them on their nest is when it’s windy!
I woke up very early this morning (5am) & rode my bike out to the beach in the dark for one reason & one reason only! I wanted to shoot the moon set/sunrise!
Specifically,I wanted to get a shot of the full moon hanging directly above the Lighthouse! Unfortunately the moon’s orbit was too far south! I couldn’t line them both up! It’s a matter of geometry really.
Think of the moon as being point “A” & the Lighthouse as being point “B”. By lining up A & B I get point “C”.(in theory)
Because the moon was too far south,I couldn’t find point “C”!
I was able to get a shot of Frank silhouetted against the moon however!
This shot shows the reverse angle 8 hours later.
I’ve found out the best times to shoot the Moon is 3 days before being full & the morning after it was full.(moon rise/sunset & moon set/sunrise)
It’s all about having the moon near the horizon & having golden sunlight bathing the surrounding terrain!
If all your doing is shooting the moon by it’s self up in the sky,than that’s an Astronomical shot & there are billions of those!
I try to get the moon contrasted against a interesting background. The time window is about 20 minutes! The moon is not too faint & not too bright. It has to be in the “Goldilocks Zone”!


Looks like Romeo is going to be a proud daddy again!
Juliette didn’t leave the nest & didn’t move about. Which means only one thing this time of year! She’s laid some eggs!! She almost always lays two eggs each year.
Romeo wasn’t around to ward off any intruders. Not sure where he was but Juliette cannot leave the eggs unattended. So she has to stay put!
Romeo arrived half a hour later & chirped up a storm!
A proud daddy indeed!

New Nest In The Old Spot!

Romeo & Juliette are building a new nest in their old spot!
Their old nest like the “cradle” fell to the ground 2 years ago. It took about a month for it to slip and fall. Romeo & Juliette did not have any eaglets that year as a result. They built a new nest the following year in another tree close by but I could never see them! It was in a bad spot for viewing.
I was happy to see them building a new nest in their old spot!
Both of them were not around when I dropped by for a visit tonight,which I found strange! I can’t remember when that last happened? They might of been out and about gathering material for their nest?
UPDATE: (February 17th,2012) The beginnings of this “to be” nest has fallen to the ground from the wind storms with have gotten over the last month!
If a nest is going to come down,it will be in the winter usually. The strongest wind storms occur during the winter.

Fortune Channel Eagle Nest

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I normally do not come up to this location (too far) and so I am not that familiar with the eagles in these parts?
It takes years for the eagles to become conditioned to my presence!
One of the eagles might always stay skittish towards me however. Like “Tam” does on Lovekin Point. For whatever reason she doesn’t like me being around? Attitude problem I suspect?

“When the Bow breaks,the Cradle Will Fall”

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It happened! I knew that the nest only had a matter of days left when I last saw it!
I put a shot I took last week in this sequence so as to show you the difference. You can see the nest there and than in the next shot…….no nest!
Romeo was standing where his nest was and looked to be saying” the nest is fine, I’m still here,we will rebuild”!
Juliette was not home. I don’t know where she goes? She’s such a odd duck!
UPDATE:(Nov 20) I saw that the rest of their nest has fallen and there is nothing left at all!

“Slip Sliding Away”

Paul Simon wrote “Slip Sliding Away”and it’s a great song but Romeo/ Juliette don’t care.
I went by their nest and noticed that it was slipping out of the tree! It’s just a matter of time until it falls to the ground now unfortunately !
It started slipping last January and has been creeping very slowly towards the edge ever since.
They didn’t have any chicks this year because of the nest failing.
They will lose the nest and build another.
All nests fall eventually,it’s only the amount of time that varies.
The nests are slowly added to through the years ,making them heavier and heavier until there is a structural failure!
Some nests can reach monstrous sizes and weigh many tonnes!

Frank Landing at Nest Tree

20100711-20100711-IMG_8244Frieda was in the nest and Frank was just landing.
What I find strange is that they were in the nest on such a windy day.They always go to the Lee of the island and wait it out.
It made me think for a moment that they were acting as if they had a eaglet! I don’t think they do,but it would be great if they did!

Nest is Slipping!!

I never looked at this shot that close before,but I’ve just noticed that part of their nest was in the process of failing. It was structurally weak and slipping over the edge.
I bet the losing of their nest,is the reason why they don’t have any young this year.
Note:I’m keeping the date June 8th on here,even though it was shot Feb 20th. That way it’ll be able to stay here and you can compare the before/after.

Romeo on the Nest

Romeo was on the nest and I had a look around for some chicks,but nothing. I don’t believe they have any chicks this year! They were both off of the nest and not tending to it.
If thats true,that will be the first year they’ve missed in many years. Maybe 5 years or more!
Note: I just noticed that their nest does not seem to be the same as last year. I just looked at some of the shots from the “Eagles Nest” section and noticed that their nest was damaged during the winter! I think that there has been a partial lose of the nest and some of it has fallen to the ground? Maybe this is the reason they are not having any young this year?
I”ve put a shot I took last February 20th above. You can see how it was slipping away!

Frank or Frieda ?

When they are by themselves,it is very hard to tell who it is! I would need to get alot closer and have a better look.
The last two nights they’ve had to stay in the lee of Frank Island. The winds were very strong from the NW. They have a perch tree in the lee that they can chill in while it’s ripping.