20150201-Dunlin Pano20150201-Dunlin Pano #2I went out today & headed down to Cannery bay to check & see if any Lions were hanging about? Not a one! I’m pretty positive none of the silly buggers are going to visit this year!
Technically I didn’t get skunked as I spotted some on two occasions this winter. Things sure have changed form 4 years ago when there were 1300 plus! It all depends on the oceanic currents? Where the currents go, the plankton goes,the small fish follow & the larger predators follow them.
Obviously the currents are else where this year.
I left Cannery Bay & headed over to Tranquil inlet. Upon arriving I could see a boat anchored at the end of the inlet. Nobody was on board. They must of had kayaks & paddled up the stream? Once a boat comes into a inlet with Trumpeters,the swans get skittish & take off.
So basically when I arrived,there were no Swans around. Lions not there & now the swans were gone too! Todays shoot wasn’t starting out on a bright note!
There is this beautiful cove at the end of Tranquil inlet. It has no name but I call it Tranquil Cove. If I ever won the lottery,I’d be living out here in a float house! It’s as the name says……………tranquil!
I went over into the cove,shut the motor off & listened. It’s so quiet I can hear the blood pulsing in my ears! I can hear a stream flowing down the hillside across the inlet. Birds calling & today a single frog! I thought it would be too cold for a frog,but apparently not.
I have one of this stand up paddles along with my oars. I stand up & paddle ever so gently around the cove. Basically it’s my way of meditating. I’ve always been fascinated with this area! I could think of no better place to live!

Decided I had better head back. Left Tranquil cove & headed down the inlet to Rankin rocks. Rankin rocks are these Granitic rocks sticking out of the water at the mouth of Tranquil inlet. Birds love this spot including many Seals! No ground predators.
I found hundreds of Dunlin’s perched on the rocks with some Black Bellied Plovers & several Black Turnstones today. Took a few shots of my little friends.
They are not use to humans so I have to approach carefully. I always go up wind,turn around & began to come towards them. I than shut the engine off & drift towards them. I keep my camera up to my eye & don’t move. If they see movement,they get more nervous & will take flight.
Yes,they do get a little nervous when I get closer & usually just walk up further on the rock. If one spooks & goes to flight……….within nanoseconds the entire flock erupts into flight as well!
Said goodbye to my little friends & headed for Tsapee Narrows.
It was while I was travelling from Rankin Rocks to Tsapee that the sun went into a cloud bank! When I arrived at Tsapee the light was almost history. When the light gets this way the only shots I can take are silhouettes.
I saw Delilah coming in to grab a fish,but I didn’t see the Daredevil coming up from behind her FAST! The Daredevil was travelling so fast that he over took her! His tail feathers can be seen on the backs of her wings! Oh she couldn’t of been too happy about that!
I’m not sure who got the fish but Delilah was almost knocked into the ocean! This is where their tails come in very handy. The tail skims along the water stopping them from going in. The last thing a eagle wants to do is go into the drink! They have to get out real quick too! If they don’t,they get too wet & heavy to be able to fly. They than must flap to shore,shake off,dry off,but if the shore is too far away,they can get weak & hypothermic! Death is a certainty than!
So Delilah’s feathers were literally ruffled by her partner the Daredevil. She was chirping loudly in protest as she flew away.
With the light being so uninteresting,I only took a few shots of my friends. I took off for the harbour. Decided to visit Romeo & Juliette.
Took only a few of them as well. I always like to drop in to say hi to them.
Called it a night.
No Lions or Trumpeters & basically no light too. Not a outstanding shoot today but it was still great to get out in Nature! My worst day out there is far better than most peoples best day!