As some of you already know, I have been documenting the feeding behaviour of eagles on a dead Sea Lion out on Chestermans beach (Frank island). The Sea Lion is a young female Stellar Sea Lion and she was pregnant.

To help them to get at the meat I cut the carcass open. Later when I swapped the card I saw the remains of a unborn pup inside her. I could see whiskers and wondered what it was? I looked closer and realized it was the nose of the pup. Poor thing never had a chance.  I still do not know why this Lion died? I just hope it was from natural causes.

I set up a trail camera station. It took me a lot of work and about three days of figuring it out,but I think I have it now.

In this video an adult eagle has been feeding too long…..according to another eagle and It was persuaded to MOVE!

After the attack you can hear the attacker scolding the other eagle and than hop over for a bite.

Trail Camera Set Up

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I went down to Cannery Bay today with the specific purpose of setting up my trail camera over that second dead Sea Lion I found.
As with everything else…….the Devil is in the details!
The tide was too high to set the camera where I had originally wanted to set it,plus the beach was too hard to set my pole in!
So I had to shoot from the hip on this one!
I found this piece of wood down there and had some spikes with me. I nailed it to this log. Worked great but I had to nail it on a angle so that the face of the camera was facing the carcass! Kind of a weird angle,but like I said……I was shooting from the hip on this one!
I set it and got out of there,oh and I set it to take one shot this time and not three! Last time all the eagles were setting the camera off and filling up my one Gig card. I bought a 4 Gig card,so that should work……I hope?