20130917-IMG_674520130917-IMG_6740I’ve never seen this bear before. It looks like it’s about 1 1/2 old or so? It’s smaller than normal too. I couldn’t believe the size of the rock it tried to overturn!
A large bear would of had a tough job doing it!
This is why I decided to call it “Mighty Mite”!


20130807-IMG_329620130807-IMG_3304Headed out as per usual today. Went up into Gunner Inlet to check on things & found none of my furry friends. Gunner just doesn’t seem very hot for bears lately!
So I headed over into Fortune Channel. I met the “Browning Passage” heading back into town. She was just about to enter Dawley Pass.Took a few on the fly & continued on into Fortune looking for bears. I found one near Creative Salmon’s farm. I immediately recognized him! He had a “nick” out of his right ear & a few recent wounds too! I called this bear “Nic”. The light was perfect & so was the bear! What I want is to have the bear looking straight at me with the sun directly behind me! This makes the bears fur really shine! A “halo” can be seen all around it’s face! They look very beautiful when this affect happens! Their fur has a shine to it like nothing else I’ve ever seen!
Spent some quality time with my old friend! He’s always been such a perfect subject!
While I was taking shots of Nic,I noticed further along the shore to the north a second bear! They literally were popping out of the woodwork tonight!
I decided to head on over to this second bear & see how things went? It was a younger bear & I didn’t recognize it. It gets tricky trying to remember all the bears in the area! Another fellow & I both agreed that there are around 60 bears up in Fortune Channel. Obviously a rudimentary guess, but it still is basically alot of Boo Boo’s!
I noticed the sun about to go behind the mountains on Meares Island & knew It was my cue to start heading back or I’d miss the sunset in the harbour!
Said goodbye to my young furry friend & began the trip back. On the way I noticed this very expensive yacht (The Calliope) anchored in Heelboom Bay! This thing had to cost a million! Some people have too much & most do not have enough!
I took a few & continued along my way.
I stopped at Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil. Delilah was a no show. I always like to try & grab a great shot of him against that black background! Very tricky,but I manged to get a few good ones.
Said goodnight & headed into the harbour for sunset.The fog was close enough to snuff the light close to sunset,so I didn’t get much with Romeo/Juliette.
Said goodnight to both Romeo Juliette (btw,this years eaglet did not survive!Not sure what happened?) & went into the harbour to search for a willing subject? I found a canoe with three people paddling & also a row boat. Took a few & called it a night.
Another stellar nights shoot folks!