Damon Landing at Sunset

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The results from the TSB are in and it would appear that the investigators have given their opinion on what caused that tragic airplane accident.
As simple as that folks,…….booze!
The three passengers had a very high level of alcohol. The pilot had no drugs or alcohol in his system and appears to of died because of other individuals being drunk!
Oh sooooo many people have died because of alcohol.
So much so, that when we see a bad car accident, we naturally assume that the person was drunk! We condone the use of alcohol in our society. It is probably the most pervasive & powerful drug of choice across the entire planet! The only other drugs that I can think of that are more pervasive are the Teen Sisters……..Caffeine and Nicotine!
The Reaper’s Shadow blackens Tofino’s beautiful face once again !

I took this sequence of Damon landing at sunset on May 23rd of 09. Almost a year exactly before the accident!
rest in peace Damon…..