20150218-IMG_0483It was suppose to be a poor day today for weather but turned out much better than expected………or so I thought?
I headed out & decided to hang around near Tofino. I went down to Tsapee Narrows. No sooner had I gotten there when I noticed a large cloud system moving in from the west! I knew instantly that the light was going to go bye bye! It happens sometimes. I head out & the light gets snuffed!
I took a few shots of the Daredevil & Delilah. I saw that big shadow creeping eastward towards me & knew I didn’t have much time! I took what I could & once that shadow reached me at Tsapee, I headed back to town.
I had taken my gas can along to get refilled. I was pulling into the local marina when I noticed a Blue Heron close by. I shut the engine off & used the parked boats as cover to sneak up. It worked! As long as I didn’t move when it saw me,I was ok. When the Heron sees no movement,it figures I’m no threat & continues searching for food.
The light was poor when I took those shots. You can see how the colours don’t stand out.
Once filled up,I came back in. Short shoot today! Spent more time putting the boat/gear & taking it back out than shooting.
It happens. Always great to get out!


20130414-IMG_9125I missed the Atlin Post coming into the harbour with Strathcona’s mountains in behind,but not the “Tamanawas”.
I saw the “Tamanawas” coming into the harbour & just waited for her to enter into my already chosen spot. She must of just harvested Salmon at one of Creative Salmon’s farms.