I saw this barge heading out when I was in town earlier. Those white tanks “use” to contain smolts. They were dumped already at Creative Salmon’s fish farm,McCall’s. The Chinook smolts would only be 7 or 8 grams.
A large hose is attached to the bottom of each tank & a valve is opened to release them into a pen. They will be feed what is called “Crumble”. Which is simply small feed pellets. They will grow to their full size in about 18 months or so & than harvested for market.


I measured the distance on a map from where I first saw the “Tamanawas” coming around Aseuth Point. I was 2000 meters away & yet I could easily tell she was heavily loaded down! The boat was kicking up a good bow wave,so I knew instantly that she must of just harvested a pen of fish & was heading back into town to unload!
The Tamanawas is the harvesting boat for Creative Salmon.

The light came today & so, I was called by Mother Nature to come out & play! Which I did with relish of course! I heard a Whale watching boat went down to Cannery to visit with the Lions? When I heard this I told the person that the Lions had left late February & Cannery should be vacant!
Well,what do I know eh? When one of these Zodiac drivers go somewhere they have a reason & know more about whats going on than me.
So I headed down to Cannery to check & see If the Lions had come back………………….& they hadn’t!
There were no Lions in Cannery!! I strongly suspected that I would find none home. These drivers have just started thier season. I’ve been out there all winter! I’m out there all year actually!
I tied up to the float & had my hot soup & ham sandwich! Always really sweet to have lunch outdoors.
I finished & headed back in. I stopped by Rob’s place at Gunner for tea & a chat. I’m very jealous of his lifestyle! He lives in a floathouse & lives the kind of life I dream of!
I said bye to Rob & went to Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil & Delilah. They both were active.
I continued on to Moe & Maggie’s place. I got a series of rare shots with both of them in the same frame! I was pleasantly surprised!!
I moved onto Romeo & Juliette at Deadman. Now,they are always a treat & tonight was no exception.
I got shots of a Gull snapping up a fish in their territory. Romeo would have none of this! He promptly set upon this Gull & you can see the poor Gull realizing it’s mistake. He literally crapped his pants & will remember his run in with Romeo! Romeo grabbed the fish & flew up with it.
He promptly dropped that fish as well & the Gull actually made a second effort to get it,but realized what it was about to do & decided valor was a better choice!
Another great day out in the wilds of Tofino folks!

Ocean King Harvesting

This is one of Creative Salmon’s fish farms. It’s the Warne Island farm. Warne Island is located several miles east of Tofino down Tofino Inlet.
This boat is called the “Ocean King” and is doing a harvest.
The “Tamanawas” is the normal boat that does Creatives harvests,but it ran aground and the hull was damaged.
While the Tamanawas is away being repaired,the Ocean King has been hired to do the harvests.
NOTE- I shot this yesterday. Too many clouds today to take any shots.


The winter solstice happened today!
The sun did come out and I also got out myself to take advantage of it,even though I didn’t think I was going to be able to when I woke up this morning?
I woke up around 4:30am today and checked the cloud cover. It showed a large cloud system moving in from the north! I was choked & disappointed!
However,by noon the cloud had thinned enough & I don’t need to be told twice!
I headed out and went straight down Tofino Inlet to the Lions. After arriving I was pleasantly surprised to find that their numbers had doubled in the span of only a few days! Today was the first day that I’ve seen them hauled out in areas other than the two rocks!
I saw two large groups of Lions just floating and laying still. They had their flippers & or tails out of the water! They were all trying to warm up while hanging out.

The clouds started to move in and snuffed the light. So I decided to head back into town. I wanted to visit with some of my feathered friends.
I went to Deadman Island to visit Romeo & Juliette. Romeo saw and intercepted me unexpectedly! He circled in behind me and went straight for the island to await my arrival! He does that sometimes? I love it when he does it!
I sat there and had a snack while watching them and the Solstice sunset. Tomorrow is going to be 5 seconds longer. The Solstice happened at 9:30pm Pacific Time.
As always,……..It was another great adventure out in the wilds of Tofino!

This is the “Harvest King” leaving Creative Salmon’s Warne Island Fish Farm. It’s the cargo boat for Creative Salmon’s farms.