This is a Crabbing boat. They set Crab traps and harvest the crabs caught in it.
They rebait the trap with squid,fish heads etc. Squid is the choice of the industry I believe,but don’t quote me.
When the trap settles back down on the bottom,it starts producing a “scent” cloud downtide. Any Dungeness crab downtide of a trap will follow the scent trail right back into the trap. A one way door flap ensures the visitors a permanent stay in the trap until the Crabber comes back in a week or so to harvest them!
I also believe that only the males are harvested,with the females thrown back to help replentish the population. They have to be a certain size as well. I think the cut off limit is 6 inches. The smaller ones are thrown back for future harvesting.

Tranquil Inlet and Crabber

I use to work down here for a few years. I really loved going to work! Just being out in this beautiful place energized me!
This crabbing boat was heading west . I used my big lens and zoomed in all the way. I used a 400mm on my focal length. I wanted to compress the background into the foreground.
I always love to use that technique in my vista shots!