Unknown Black Smoke

I saw this and shot it just in case it was something. I checked my Metadata and I shot this right at 9pm. I do not know what it was,but the Firetrucks went out in a hurry!(they went by at 9:15pm) However,it’s Tuesday night and thats the night the Volunteer Fireman practice.
It may be just a practice for the fireman?
UPDATE:(next day,Wednesday)- I found out that somebody torched acouple of houses on Maltby rd. One was consumed and the other was saved by the local Fireman. The police are investigating.
Notice how the beginning of that cloud is a different colour than the main body! I bet that is from the fuel the arsonists used to start the fire.

Cox Rainbow

I went out to the far side of Frank Island tonight.
A rain storm passed over from the west and proceeded to the east behind me. When it did this,from my vantage point the sunlight was able to hit these rain drops and split the light up into it’s individual wavelengths and thus a rainbow!
The gulls on the left hand side had a great view as well.