Cape Ann Coming Into The Harbour

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I saw her coming into the harbour from the north and lay in wait for her to come by. Mainstreams “Come Along” was also coming into the harbour.
It looked like the Coast Guard was chasing them!
Notice how the light changes from the beginning to the end!

Coast Guard Coming Into Harbour

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The weather/light was better today than yesterdays. I went out in the boat,but solo this time.
I headed down the inlet to see how my furry friends were doing? I find on warm days like today that they are even more sleepy. They just raise their head and wonder what I am?
They know I am not a threat,so they just watch me pass by.
I went to visit both the Daredevil and his mate,as well as Romeo/Juliette.
As soon as I got out into the harbour I noticed the Coast Guard Cutter “Cape Ann” was coming in from the north. I knew where they were going to be coming into and positioned myself with snow covered mountains for background material and simply waited for them to enter into my scene.
I took almost 700 shots today! I screwed up on many of my eagle shots unfortunately,but still ended up with a few.
I had a great day out in the wilds of Tofino and lived to tell the tales!

Unknown Boat,Ahoushat Pride and Coast Guard

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Not one or two ,but three boats were all moving into one scene!
The older style boat in the foreground had no name on it. The large aluminum boat is called the “Ahoushat Pride” and the Orange Zodiac is the Coast Guard coming back into the harbour.
The Ahoushat Pride was heading north to Ahoushat. I always watch out for this boat. It moves fast and produces a large wake. I’m in a 10 foot boat and have to be careful with large waves. I usually just stop and allow the wake to pass.

Cape Ann on Duty

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I was heading down Browning Pass and saw them coming towards me. I stopped and went to the south further and waited for them to pass. I call this method”The Spider Fly” technique. I find a great background and wait for a subject (hopefully interesting?) to enter into my scene!
They did and you can see the results,however I screwed up. I shouldn’t have done this. I already have shot them in this position,but have not gotten them in another spot that I consider better and a primary “must have” target. I should of gone to the other spot and waited for them. I thought I would have time to beat them to the spot because they would have to slow down coming into the harbour………..but they slowed down much later than I anticipated! I arrived on scene late. You can see near the end of the slideshow a shot of Strathcona in the background,but it’s not centered! They were too far to the west and the island blocked the unobstructed view of the beautiful mountains in behind them! I missed it by seconds!!
I’ll get them sooner or later. This is the closest I’ve come to getting that shot with Strathcona in behind and have been waiting for years to get it!
I’ll get them,you watch and see!

Cape Ann Tieing Up

I was able to get out in the boat this afternoon. That cold front pushed down from the north and was strong enough to push the clouds south of Tofino!
In other words ,I had some good light!
The Coast Guard Cutter “Cape Ann” came back into the harbour,but I was just getting out and missed shooting them under power. The best I could do was to get them after they had tied up with a frosty Meares Island in the background.

Cape Ann Cruising

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When I first got out into the harbour,the Cape Ann was heading away to the north. They must of gone around Meares Island clockwise.
When I was in Browning Pass heading east,I saw them coming towards me from Tsappee Narrows. I turned the boat around and went back down to this spot and waited for them to come into my frame. I know this spot well and can get a good view of Strathcona in the background here.
The only thing I didn’t like about this shot is that Strathcona was in shade! I’d prefer bright golden light with some fluffy clouds above! Thats not asking too much I hope!

Coast Guard Rescue Gone Wrong

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I was out at Cox Bay and saw a Kite surfer in trouble. It was so windy that he couldn’t get back up and thats when I phoned 911.
I told the dispatcher what was going on and my location,she transferred me directly to Marine Control. I repeated what I had told the dispatcher and they said that they were going to be on scene shortly.
They arrived very quickly. They picked up the Kite surfer and because he wouldn’t leave his Kite ,the strings got wrapped around the Zodiacs props. This naturally stalled the motors and they were in trouble than.
Here is the sequence of shots showing what happened next!

The Canadian Coast Guard Ship “Vector”

A Oceans and Fisheries vessel,Vector was in Tofino’s harbour today.I thought it was a Coast Guard vessel at first,but zoomed in and saw it’s name.
It was sunny all day and just when I wanted to go out,a large cloud structure moved in from the west and it was “see ya later alligator”,for the sun! By the time it leaves,the sun will of set. Oh well.
The small boat in the foreground is called the Kleco and Dennis owns it.
The second flag in the foreground is the Coast Guard insignia .
Lone Cone and the village, Opitsat on Meares island can be seen in the background as well.
Because the light got snuffed this is all that I got today.No light,no pictures
Stay tuned