20130216-IMG_497220130216-IMG_4984It did clear up today but the wind rushed in to ruin my day! Whenever the wind gets up & stay out of the water……….period!
So I made the best of it & went out to the beach. I knew there would be a Kite surfer or Wind surfer out & about,& sure enough there was one.
Just some beach shots today folks,but tomorrow promises to be sunny!!


20130112-IMG_210520130112-IMG_211320130112-IMG_2106I was hoping to get out today but the clouds conspired to keep me land bound! I saw a thin clearing near the horizon & knew the sun would make a short appearance near sunset. I headed out to Chesterman’s beach to see what was happening? Not too many people out & about for sunset tonight.
Not much in the way of subject material either,but “10% of something is always better than 100% of nothing” I always say!


It was overcast,dull,damp & drizzly today in Tofino. I never let bad weather stop me from getting out & experiencing Nature.
No such thing as “bad weather……….only bad clothing!”
I went out to the beach with my camera not expecting to take it out of it’s case,but it’s always nice to have “IF” something does happen!!

I went out to Frank Island & found these sticks arrange into their delightful message! I laughed when I saw it & knew I had to shoot it! Only problem is that I’m a wildlife photographer & so lean to the bigger focal lengths to bring in the distant subjects. Which is fine & dandy but not if you come across something that you need to shoot close! The minimum focusing distance for my lens to focus is 16 feet!
So I had to figure out how I was going to shoot this??
Because I was closer to Frank Island,I realized a friend (who lives there) might have a step ladder I could borrow? I went over to his house & sure enough I found it! I carried it about 300 meters to the sticks. Opened it & climbed up to shoot it. The angle was much better from the top of the ladder.
I than took about 10 shots vertically from left to right & just stitched them back together!
Being creative on the spot is critical when your out in the boonies! Whenever I come across a animal, I always try to figure it out quickly! If I don’t,that animal may bug out & I end up with nothing!
So it behooves me to think of something very quickly!

I wish these two, many adventures together & in great health!

Best Buds!

This is a local with her dog. Devo & Bella. They happened to come out to Frank Island when I was there shooting. I asked if I could take a few shots of them both? She said sure.
The Light was fantastic for only about 30 seconds! The sun came through all that cloud and made them snap,crackle & pop! The snow in the background was the icing to the cake!
When they first came out onto the island,Bella had started barking at me! She must of been at least 500 meters away and just knew that I was trouble!
She later came over and to say hi sheepishly.

New Years Day On Chesterman’s Beach

It was New Years Day,so I went out to the beach to watch the waves crashing. All the tourists visiting Tofino for the holidays were out in full force as well.
It’s been 11 days since I went out in my boat! I’ll bet the Lion numbers have doubled since I last saw them on the 21st! I can’t wait to visit them!
If I don’t have the light,there’s no point in getting out. Great light is a prerequisite!
I’m keeping my fingers crossed!