We celebrated Canada Day in Tofino today.Lots of festivities going on around town.At sunset they set off fireworks.They towed a barge out into the harbour & set them off from there.

In the background you can see the mountains “Lonecone” & to the left further back “Catsface”.

Canada Day Celebrations !

I had been out all afternoon and when I came back to the boat shed,the celebrations for Canada Day were starting.
I wasn’t prepared for this however. In hindsight I should of known that the fireworks were going to happen and I should of brought a tripod with me !
I took some shots,but put the camera up against a sign post for stability. The light was so dark that the fastest shutter speed I could get was too slow to hold by hand.
As a rule of thumb to see if you can hold your camera in low light, the slowest speed to shoot at is the lens focal length expressed as a fraction. If you have a 50mm lens,than the slowest you should go is 1/50 th of a second. Hand-holding! If you have a 70-200mm (at the 200 end),than the slowest is 1/200th of a second.
I’ve met some photographers who are solid as a rock and can hold the lens still at astonishingly slow speeds and others who are at the other end. They have the shakes and cannot hand hold very well. These guys are best to shoot from a tripod.
Which is what I forgot to bring with me on this day. Oh well.
I liked the dark blue afterglow of the sunset.