20140206-IMG_4691It was clear & cold today,so I bundled up & headed out!
As I started out of the harbour & saw a Blue Heron/Oystercatchers on a rocky islet on the north side of Strawberry island. Shot a few of them. Mr. Heron was much more skittish than the Oystercatchers! I’ve found the Oystercatchers are approachable as long as I do not make any sudden movements. They are only in the harbour area during the winter time. They have such a cute look about them!
Continued eastward down the inlet. The tide was low & beginning to come back in,so I decided to give Fortune Channel a try for bears?
As I suspected with this cold front,they were still napping! (as I would be)
Came out of Fortune & continued down the inlet to Rankin. I was disappointed to find nobody home at Rankin as well! Normally there are several thousand Dunlin’s,Plovers etc hanging around. Must of been out searching for food else where?
I continued past Rankin & went down into Tranquil inlet for Trumpeters. I stopped half the way down because I didn’t see thier distinctive white dots at the far end. I stopped the boat to look intently with the binocs & sure enough I couldn’t see any Trumpeters milling about!
No bears,no birds & no Trumpeters! Today was not going to be the best for subject material! RATS!
I was near Cannery bay & thought about going over there to check & see if any Lions had moved in but I think that boat sailed a long time ago & we are not going to get any Sea Lions this winter at all!
This winter has been absent for snow & my animal friends. My winter of discontent!
Started to head back.
Stopped off at Tsapee Narrows to visit with my eagle friends. This is one of the reasons why I love eagles so much……….they almost always are hanging around!
The wind was up a bit so I knew what direction they would be coming in at. The Daredevil & Delilah seemed active today. I’ve found the cold makes them more active & the heat makes them sluggish.
Took a few of my fine feathered friends & continued on. I went to Morpheus to visit with Maggie & I was pleasantly surprised to find my friend Moe! He’s been gone for what seems like a eternity! I’d love to find out where he went? I was worried he might be dead! He just sat way up top & never even came down to say hello. Maggie made up for his indifference! She’s always such a joy!
Took a few of my girlfriend & said goodnight.
Continued on to Deadman island to visit with Romeo & Juliette. Romeo didn’t fly over to greet me. He’s been rather indifferent as well lately?
I saw two fully loaded Geoduck boats coming back into the harbour from the north. I wonder how much longer the Geoduck opening will last?
They use Geoduck (the largest bivalve mollusk) as the main ingredient in Clam chowder! If you’ve had clam chowder,you’ve had Geoduck!
Took a few shots of my friend Romeo with a couple of Geoduck boats in the background. The wind was making the waters surface rough. When they happens I’ve found I cannot see the eagles contours as good. So I went around the backside of Deadman island to shoot a few in the Lee of the island. It was better but nothing outstanding.
Didn’t get much today folks. The Oystercatchers were the first & best of the days shoot. Should of quit while I was ahead,but it’s always great getting out in the fresh air even if it gives me the shivers from time to time!


20130911-IMG_6353The high tide was happening when I got out tonight. Whenever this happens I do not expect many bears to be out & about. They eat during low tide & than go for a nap to wait for the next low tide.
Having said that,I did find one Bruin tonight & for a change………….it wasn’t in the shade!
Didn’t recognize who it was but it seemed to accept my company. Left Fortune Channel & came back to town. Stopped off at Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil. The sun was getting low by this time & I knew I didn’t have enough time to make it into the harbour before the sunset!
So I stayed with my finely feathered friend for awhile. Delilah was nowhere to be seen & has been absent for awhile actually! She & many others must be further north at the spawning grounds.
Came back into the harbour & went to Deadman Island to visit with Romeo & Juliette. Neither were there to greet me unfortunately,but a nicely perched Heron was hanging around!
I was happy to find a bear tonight in great light. A second night with no clouds for sunset cramps my style but the afterglow went on for a hour or so!


20130729-GUNNER INLET PANO,JULY 29TH,201320130729-IMG_2310This is up at the end of Gunner Inlet. There are not one,not two,but three abandoned boats in Gunner! I guess it’s isolated & people feel they can litter there & not be caught!
This boat has always been a eye sore for me! It’s very beautiful up there & to see this abandoned boat ruins the vista & gets my goat!
Hence,the title.


20130725-IMG_186220130725-IMG_186020130725-IMG_1858On my way out,I noticed this boat in the shallows near Ginnard pt. I remember thinking to myself that I wouldn’t be over there at that moment with the tide going out!
On my way back in I noticed the boat had gone high & dry! To make matters worse,the captain had left the motor leg down! This must of placed a lot of stress upon the motor’s mount! If you run aground,lift your motor folks!
I’ve never seen this boat before,so I can only assume that this person is not from here & did not know the waters but to be honest……….not seeing your in the shallows is pretty hard to do!


20130615-IMG_570020130615-HARBOUR PANO,JUNE 15TH,2013Went up into Gunner looking for my furry friends but no one was home! I wasn’t shocked because it was high tide & the shoreline was narrow.
I did go pick that helmet up & found a full beer amongst the rest of the shore debris!
Always surprised what I sometimes find along the shorelines!
Started to go over into Fortune Channel but my motor was acting up again! I think it’s water in the fuel! After a few minutes it was fine but I decided to call it quits to be on the safe side & headed back into town!
So I never went over into Fortune & as a result ………didn’t get any bears tonight!
By the time I got into the harbour,I was feeling better about the engine & went to visit with Romeo & Juliette. Romeo saw me at a distance & came out to greet me! He does this from time to time to bring me back to his home. It always makes me smile! He’s such a character!
My motor acted up & so did Mother Nature! She called in the clouds & the light went south! Just as well I didn’t go looking for bears anyways in such poor light!
Some nights are better than others & tonight was mediocre at best,but I just roll with it!