Beach Ride

I saw these guys over by Frank Island and waited for them to ride by. They decided to ride up the western side of Chestermans and I just waited for them to ride in front of the Lighthouse and the Wick.
The small boy behind his mom was the only one who spotted me shooting them and kept a eye on me as they went down the beach!
A future photographer possibly??

Lighthouse and Bikes

These two guys were out on their bikes and I waited for them to come into the scene.
After shooting these I decided to head back in to town. The light kept getting better and better. I didn’t plan it,but I decided on the way back into town to go out in the boat! The light was getting better and better. The clouds were clearing and I could have 1 1/2 hrs out shooting.However it was much later. I normally am out on the water at 7pm. It was 8pm tonight.
Not only did I go out and get some great eagle shots ,but I decided to head out to the Lighthouse for sunset. I’m glad I did! I got some good shots of the Lighthouse at sunset as well!

Sunset Bike Ride

It looks like the kids are getting a free ride. The sunset was great tonight! It’s been raining steady now for many days. I looked at the Satellite/Radar site and saw that a clearing was coming from the south. I grabbed my camera and hung around the beach for the sunset.