20130509-IMG_186020130509-IMG_186120130509-IMG_186420130509-IMG_186520130509-IMG_1870It was cloudy for most of the day today but it began to break & I didn’t need to be told twice!
Got out & headed straight for Gunner Inlet. Found a young bear in the shade & went by her in the hope of coming across a bear in the sunshine. Found a Sow with a cub but she was skittish & wandered off into the bush. Her mangy cub hung around briefly for a few shots & than followed Mummy!
Checked the rest of Gunner & returned to that female in the shade. She seemed calm & accepting. Couldn’t get too crazy about her because of the poor light,so only took a few. Said bye & went around into Fortune Channel looking for some of her friends?
Found two other single bears but were too far away from the shore & one of them was already displaying skittish behavior,so I left them alone.
Went across the Channel for Harbour Seals. They are such lazy cuties laying around on the rocks soaking up the suns warmth!
Said goodbye & headed back. Stopped off at Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil & Delilah. I couldn’t really get the exposure for them tonight? Sometimes It doesn’t work out. Left them & headed for Deadman Island to visit with Romeo & Juliette!
When I got near Romeo’s rocky throne,he saw me & flew straight over to say hi! The wind was up a bit! I hate those conditions! It darkens the waters surface & you can’t see the eagles contours! It’s lost against the darkened water.
Said goodnight to them both & went in. Overall i think it was a pretty good nights shoot!