I went down Tofino inlet today….or I should say “tried” to.I wanted to check on the ice cover? We are in what is called “Outflow Conditions” right now.Which means cold winds from the NE.Tofino inlet is roughly NE,so the winds come straight down the inlet pick up speed & produce large fetch.I could see the caps at a distance.Tried to sneak up the west side using islands as protection but that only worked for a few miles.The waves finally made me turn back. Went into Gunner inlet to rest.Found a nice thick ice sheet in there as well.I bet I could of walked on it at the far end!

I bet Tranquil & Tofino inlet from Barryman point is completely frozen over! I’d love to get up in a plane & get shots of it!

I left Gunner & headed back to town.I stopped to visit with Maggie but she wasn’t around? She must have a place to hide from that NE wind & couldn’t see me? I moved on to Romeo & Juliette.Romeo flew out to greet me right away & Juliette joined him seconds later as well! The light was excellent! No clouds to the west.It’s mating season so they stick together.They both came over to their throne several times.Talked with them,took some great shots & left.

It was a cold day out there today but I was warm! Had a great shoot!



The weather cleared during the night! I was excited to get out! I haven’t been out in what seems like years! I heard a meteorologist from Vancouver saying that the last 55 days have been raining out of 60.

As a photographer the most critical element I need is light! If I don’t have that,I can’t do very much.Also,If It’s very windy & sunny I still can’t go out.Too dangerous! So I usually ride out to the beach for some beach/sunset shots.

Todays winds were suppose to go up to 60 klicks! I kept a eye on the weather station read out for wind speed.It was staying down,so I decided to head out.

My plan was to go down to Rankin rocks to check on my Stellar Lion friend “Lippy”. I realized while heading down Tofino inlet that the sun was already low in the SW & I wouldn’t have time to go all the way down to Rankin & make it back before sunset.I decided that as soon as I could see Rankin Rocks in the distance, I would stop the boat, turn the engine off & scope it out with my binocs. I looked on the map,I was 6 1/2 klicks (4 miles) away from Rankin Rocks. “Lippy” is a pretty big guy so I figured I’d be able to see him. If I saw him,I’d continue onward & scrap the sunset shots.! I’d just concentrate on him but If I didn’t see him,I’d return.

I returned. I didn’t see him………….RATS!

I went to Tsapee Narrows for a quick visit with the Daredevil & Delilah. I haven’t seen them in what seems ages! I noticed that the sun had gotten snuffed by some low cloud so I moved on.

Went past Maggie’s territory on my way to see Romeo.I figured she’d be MIA,but was pleasantly surprised to see her trying to catch up with me! She was flying low behind me! Said hello to her & she veered away back to her perching spot.

Romeo flew over to greet me! Was very happy that my feathered friends haven’t forgotten me. The sun had forgotten me however.It had already set or at least been snuffed by some low cloud.Took a few shots of Romeo doing his thing.Said goodnight & called it a day.

Was very happy to get out today but upset I got the timing wrong.The sun is setting so early now that I’ll have to head out at least a hour sooner (1pm).