The Last Shots

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I didn’t get much of the wolfs on this round.
The tide came in and I didn’t have any nails to keep the carcass in place! Which means that it moved and it was alittle to the right of the camera.
Salty poked her head in for a bite and one of the pups came in as well. Than she dragged the carcass further to the right and that was all she wrote!
I call this black pup “Pepper Jr.”.


New Location

Lets keep our fingers crossed that they don’t try to drag the carcass else where!
This is the spot where the carcass is now. The Sea Lion has been reduced to half the size it was a week ago but remember that some of that size was because of water bloating the carcass.
Now that it’s been out of the water,it’s been drying out and losing alot of weight!
I will have to check it each night this week to see what they have been up to?