20110628-20091003-IMG_6121I took this on OCT 3RD,2010. I had to wait 17 months to get this shot. I wanted to get a shot at sunset,from the air when the full moon was rising!
I got one shot at it per month. I needed to have no clouds in the west & no clouds to the east! If there were clouds to the west,the sun would be blocked & the land would be too dark. If there were clouds to the east,than I would have the light but wouldn’t be able to see the moon!
So I needed to have no clouds in both directions when the full moon was rising & that took 17 months!
I originally envisioned the full moon rising behind Tofino,but the moons orbit was way too far north to line them both up! So technically speaking………I’m still waiting! I now know the moon must have a very southerly orbit to even think about trying to do this again!
Sometimes I feel like such a child trying to figure these things out!


20131127-S.CHESTERMAN'S SUNSET PANO,NEOVENBER 27TH,2013The weather in one word……….SUCKS!
Large Fall Frontal systems keep lining up to come down upon us! I don’t think I’ll see any sunshine till next week?
So I went out to the beach when I saw a slight break in the clouds near sunset! Nothing to write home about but better than nothing!


20130216-IMG_497220130216-IMG_4984It did clear up today but the wind rushed in to ruin my day! Whenever the wind gets up & stay out of the water……….period!
So I made the best of it & went out to the beach. I knew there would be a Kite surfer or Wind surfer out & about,& sure enough there was one.
Just some beach shots today folks,but tomorrow promises to be sunny!!


20130112-IMG_210520130112-IMG_211320130112-IMG_2106I was hoping to get out today but the clouds conspired to keep me land bound! I saw a thin clearing near the horizon & knew the sun would make a short appearance near sunset. I headed out to Chesterman’s beach to see what was happening? Not too many people out & about for sunset tonight.
Not much in the way of subject material either,but “10% of something is always better than 100% of nothing” I always say!


It was overcast,dull,damp & drizzly today in Tofino. I never let bad weather stop me from getting out & experiencing Nature.
No such thing as “bad weather……….only bad clothing!”
I went out to the beach with my camera not expecting to take it out of it’s case,but it’s always nice to have “IF” something does happen!!

I went out to Frank Island & found these sticks arrange into their delightful message! I laughed when I saw it & knew I had to shoot it! Only problem is that I’m a wildlife photographer & so lean to the bigger focal lengths to bring in the distant subjects. Which is fine & dandy but not if you come across something that you need to shoot close! The minimum focusing distance for my lens to focus is 16 feet!
So I had to figure out how I was going to shoot this??
Because I was closer to Frank Island,I realized a friend (who lives there) might have a step ladder I could borrow? I went over to his house & sure enough I found it! I carried it about 300 meters to the sticks. Opened it & climbed up to shoot it. The angle was much better from the top of the ladder.
I than took about 10 shots vertically from left to right & just stitched them back together!
Being creative on the spot is critical when your out in the boonies! Whenever I come across a animal, I always try to figure it out quickly! If I don’t,that animal may bug out & I end up with nothing!
So it behooves me to think of something very quickly!

I wish these two, many adventures together & in great health!

New Years Day On Chesterman’s Beach

It was New Years Day,so I went out to the beach to watch the waves crashing. All the tourists visiting Tofino for the holidays were out in full force as well.
It’s been 11 days since I went out in my boat! I’ll bet the Lion numbers have doubled since I last saw them on the 21st! I can’t wait to visit them!
If I don’t have the light,there’s no point in getting out. Great light is a prerequisite!
I’m keeping my fingers crossed!