20131223-IMG_2125I have been waiting ever so patiently for good weather! A Saint would be impressed!
I have been waiting for some good weather to get out! If I don’t get out,I have been known to become a Grumpy old Grinch!
So when it cleared up today & I headed down the road,I was ever so disappointed to see not only rain coming our way but the harbour was already capping from the wind! I knew instantly that this is exactly how bad things can happen! Someone with not as much experience might push going out & get themselves into big trouble!
I couldn’t do a thing but return to my apartment very disappointed! I decided to do the next best thing & go out to the beach. I did get a few shots but nothing outstanding. It was more a cathartic exercise!
I’m putting all my hopes in getting out tomorrow……….”CHRISTMAS EVE”!
I have a present for all of you……………


20130827-20040803-surf pooch-2I shot this on August 4rth,2004. Today was yet another disappointing day for photography folks! Tuesday forward looks promising!
I came across this woman who was surfing out at South Chestermans! Her dog was watching from the shore. She called for it & the obedient pooch ran out to her in the shallows. It hopped up onto the board & she gently pulled the board out into deeper water. When a wave came she pushed the board forward! Thats why the dog was looking backwards…… was watching it’s master!


20130216-IMG_497220130216-IMG_4984It did clear up today but the wind rushed in to ruin my day! Whenever the wind gets up & stay out of the water……….period!
So I made the best of it & went out to the beach. I knew there would be a Kite surfer or Wind surfer out & about,& sure enough there was one.
Just some beach shots today folks,but tomorrow promises to be sunny!!

Windy Times

The winds picked up today & as a result,I had to stay on land. Maybe I’ll be able to get out in my boat tomorrow?
So my trusty back up location (Chesterman’s) was my destination today. There were some Surfers, Kite Surfers & Wave Riders having fun in the sun today. The strong wind made those Kite Surfers scoot along just fine!

Quadruped Surfer

Day 18 and counting! Tomorrow afternoon looks good and Tuesday even better! I’ll finally be able to get out in my boat!
The first thing I’m going to do is visit the Lions. I just know their numbers are going to be way up!
You folks will have some new shots soon!
I took this shot years ago on Chesterman’s beach. First surfing dog I’ve ever seen! It was looking backwards because it was looking at it’s master. She told the dog to get up on the board and than pulled the board out into deeper water. When a wave came by,she simply shoved the board.

Nigel,Surfers and the Wick

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The light today was terrible, it wasn’t raining but that should be here tomorrow by the sounds of it!
I was out at Chesterman’s Beach today . A fellow I know (Nigel) was out on the beach doing his daily exercise. He does it in bare feet! My feet get cold in my boots with thick wool socks!

I went back into town and looked around the harbour to see what was going on?


I found not one,not two,but three video cameras concentrating on these two surfers. They must be good to get their own video crew! I zoomed in on the guys and did not recognize them,but that doesn’t mean much.I know very few surfing faces anyways!
I went out to the beach today and dragged the camera along just for something to do. The light was terrible! I normally do not bother when the light is like this. But even I get bored!

Miscellaneous Beach Shots at Sunset

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UPDATE ( Dec 21)- I have gone on a Christmas Vacation until the end of the month,so I will not be uploading anything until than.
Have a great time with your loved ones and good health to you all for the coming year!