Chesterman’s Beach Rainbow Panoramic

I shot this from Frank Island .
The rainbow was only showing near the ground and did not complete the arch.
It goes from the Wick to Long Beach Lodge.
It’s probably about 160 degrees or so and is composed of 18 shots!

Wick Rainbow

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The sky broke in the afternoon. I saw a clearing coming and headed out to the beach.
As soon as I got out on the beach,I noticed this rainbow to the north. I wanted to get something of interest in the foreground and the only thing I could see was the Wickaninnish Inn! But I would have to go much further west to put the rainbow in behind. The only place to do that was Frank Island. I started walking out to it and hiked over the rock to get to the furthest west. I shot a few along the way in case it disappeared before I got out to the point. The rainbow was holding. It was strange to see a rainbow happen for over 1/2 hour !
Rain clouds were drifting in from the west continuously.

4rth St. Rainbow

I didn’t think I was going to be able to get out today. The clouds were just too tight!
However I saw on the Sat./Radar site a large clearing in behind those clouds and new that it would clear soon………and it did.
The winters sun is so low in the sky that it gives off excellent light hours before sunset. In the summer,you would only get that same kind of light much later in the day and not for very long either!
I saw this rainbow forming and hurried down to 4rth St.Dock.
The thing about a rainbow is that you not only need to have a good subject for the foreground material,but you also need to be right there when the rainbow “GO’s”! If your a mile away from this spot,your screwed! You have to look at the weather and than go wait by that spot. You need to be aware of the right weather conditions. Critical info!
The closest thing that I could use was 4 rth St.Dock .I’ve used it before and I will use it again. It perfectly fits the bill!
I used a polarizing filter to accentuate the rainbows colours. Unfortunately it gave some vignetting in the corners.

Later on after I did get out in the boat,I came across a injured Blue Heron. It somehow had a broken leg and it must of happened today.
I’m going to try to trap it tomorrow . I’m not sure how I’ll do it,but I’ll try. A friend will than take it to MARS. The Mountain Avian Rescue Society.
They do fantastic work for our fine feathered friends!
UPDATE: (next day)- I looked for him today and couldn’t find him. I also after looking over all my shots,think it may actually survive!
My reasoning for that is that it can perch. It was standing up or perching when I first came across it. If it can do that,it should be able to hunt in the shallows?
I don’t think it’ll starve?
I’ll keep a special eye out for him and update.

Seapeak Rainbow

Seapeak is on Meares Island. We were heading back down Browning Pass when the light came through and a rainbow popped up. I was forced to shoot at that moment and had only Seapeak as background material.
I’ve always wanted to hike up to the top and have a look around,but I don’t think there is a trail up there?

Eik St. Rainbow

A small rain shower came through and made this Rainbow over top of the Eik St. tree. It’s a very large Red Cedar.
This tree was saved from being cut down.A well known land developer(CL) tried to cut it down.Two local lads camped up into the tree to stop them from cutting it down. He cut down the Millennium tree across the road and it was bigger! This tree is over 1000 years old and probably will out last everyone that is alive today!

Cox Rainbow

I went out to the far side of Frank Island tonight.
A rain storm passed over from the west and proceeded to the east behind me. When it did this,from my vantage point the sunlight was able to hit these rain drops and split the light up into it’s individual wavelengths and thus a rainbow!
The gulls on the left hand side had a great view as well.