I haven’t gotten out in my boat in over 9 days! The reason for that is my engine!

My main engine called it quits & my back up has now started to act up as well! I’ve ordered a new engine (4 grand),but it won’t be here for 3 weeks! 

I put two new spark plugs in my back up engine & stayed around the harbour area in case I had trouble again? If I go into the shallows & kick the engine up,It fluids the carb & doesn’t want to start again! I learned that the hard way tonight!

I couldn’t get it started again & had to row back! I was rowing with the tide ( like I’d be dumb enough to try to row against it!) so it wasn’t that bad,but I did miss out on the sunset!

I can’t wait for my new engine to arrive!!


20140716-IMG_166920140716-IMG_1674I got out later than normal tonight & as a result couldn’t go very far……….meaning no bears!
On top of that,Tofino was under a power outage! Which lasted almost 24 hrs! I posted these shots on the 17th,but they were actually shot on the 16th.
I went down to Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil & Delilah.They both were out & about.Stayed with my feathered friends for 15 minutes or so & than said goodnight. I than went to see Maggie but she wasn’t very friendly tonight? I think she’s upset that I haven’t seen her in awhile. Said hello & didn’t hang around with such frosty conditions! Went into the harbour to look around? Found a friend kayaking & than Atleo air flew over top of me at that moment.
I went over to deadman to visit with Romeo (Juliette just doesn’t seem to be around these days). I noticed a local photographer (Jeremy Koreski) out on a sand bar doing a photo shoot with couple of people. They were using those popular stand up paddle boards.
Took a few more shots & called it a night……….or so I thought?
I rescued two people! Well…………….maybe not a real rescue but more like I helped out! I was already beached myself & noticed close to me that Tofino Air’s Beaver was stuck in the shallows! I put the boat back in the water & went over to see if I could help? I realized that if I took some of the people off of the plane,the pilot (who was in the water trying to dislodge the plane from the bottom) would be able to manoeuvre much better! What you don’t realize is that it was a very low tide & the plane could not get to it’s dock! So I took two people off (one at a time) of the plane to the near by dock & that raised the planes pontoons enough for the pilot to be able to drag the plane by hand to the dock!
So there was no emergency or anything like that,but more like a helping hand.
Had a great short shoot & did a good deed!


20140716-IMG_1841This shot doesn’t tell the whole story?
It was a very low tide when I took this shot. After I shot this,I decided my evening shoot was done & beached my boat. I was preparing to bring my gear back up to the boat shed when I noticed beside me (other side of first st dock) this plane “trying” to get to the dock! I quickly realized that the low tide was stopping them! It looked like the planes pontoons were clipping a sand bar! A “Beaver” is a large heavy plane to begin with but with a full load of passengers it sits even lower in the water. The pilot was wading in the water trying to coax the plane closer to the dock but having trouble!
So I unbeached my boat & went around to the other side to see if I could help?
I thought if I took some of the people off of the plane that it would rise & the plane would skim over that sand bar it was getting caught on.
The plan worked perfectly! They were all very happy & good deed done,I went back to bringing my boat/gear back up to the boat shed.