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20180923-20180923-Chestermans Beach Panoramic

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Frank island is a small island on Chestermans beach.Chestermans beach is Tofino’s premier beach! Many think Long beach is but I prefer Chesty.

Chesty is in the shape of a “L” & about a mile long.Frank island is located right at the bottom corner of that “L”.You can only get to it at low tide & yes, many a tourist have gotten a soaker getting caught out there!

I come prepared.If I know the tide will be coming in I take my hip waders with me.I’ve seen many people follow me out only to run away when the first wave makes them do the Chesty hop!

Frank island unfortunately was allowed to be divided into two properties. Hanns & Tony own the two lots. Neither of them live there on a permanent basis. Tourists are constantly walking around the island even though there are signs saying private island.It drives Tony crazy chasing the tourists away!

They both allow me to walk around.I generally send them shots to pay for my visits.

Frank & Frieda are the resident eagles.I do not know them very well.They tolerate my presence. I walked around the island once & found a unusual feature near their nest tree.On the ground I found something odd.It looked like somebody had taken a rake & raked the earth hard enough to create deep furrows.I speculate that this was done by both Frank & Frieda to keep their talons sharp.The way you put a pencil into a pencil sharpener would be the same thing for them with the earth & their talons! Never seen that before.

During the winter we get lots of rain here in Tofino.I like going out to Chestermans beach after a good 7 day soaker.I need to line my ducks up for this kind of shoot. The low tide needs to be happening near sunset.If its high tide I won’t have any beach.I need as much of the beach surface to act like a mirror. All that rain bleeds off the earth onto the beach.This makes a great reflective surface.Than I need GREAT clouds! Clouds really add icing to the cake! They can make or break a great shot!

So to sum up,low tide,great clouds,lots of rain followed by a break & all of these need to happen at or around sunset! Those are perfect ingredients for a perfect sunset beach shot!




I was so happy to see my fine feathered friend Maggie back from the salmon grounds! I haven’t seen her in over 2 months at least.

I suspect her & Moe are too old to breed anymore,so she could afford to leave earlier than normal?

It was so good to see her flying out to greet me tonight! I recognized her immediately!




I took out two photographers with me today.We went up into Fortune Channel looking for bears & found 4. On the way back I stopped in at Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil. To show you how each have unique personalities, he refused to come over because I had two strangers with me! I saw him last night & no problem! He’s done this before,so I half expected it. The problem is he’s the only eagle around right now! Delilah has gone to the salmon streams,as well as Maggie/Moe & Romeo! Juliette is being a fuss pot,so the only hope I had was with the Daredevil.

I’ll have to have a little chat with him next time.



There are three forest fires north of us here on the west coast of Vancouver island near Zeballos. Zeballos is a remote village on the west coast of the island.

All that particulate matter from the forest fires filters out the shorter wavelengths.The only ones able to punch through are the longer wavelengths. ROY…… red,orange & yellow.