20130506-IMG_1838This happens many times in Tofino during the summer. It gets hot & than the fog moves into the harbour. This is a so called “fog tongue” lapping into the harbour.
Whenever I see it rolling in,I try to stay further east & get away from it! The fog not only snuffs the light for me & but makes it uncomfortably cold!


20130416-IMG_9450 The weather was great today so I got out & headed up into Fortune Channel for bears. It was high tide,so I wasn’t exactly expecting a huge number of bears,& I was right. Found only one tonight.
I recognized this guy from last year. He has a scar above his right eye! Very gentle creature. Glad I ran into him or I would of struck out!
He wandered into the bush after a while & I started to head back for sunset. When I got to Tsapee narrows I could see thin clouds to the west & new that the sunset was going to be muted at best!
At Tsapee the light was great! The Daredevil was up to his old tricks once again! He came in so close to me that you can see my shadow on him! When was the last time you saw a wild eagle do that?
Continued on to Deadman Island to visit with Romeo & Juliette. She even got off her egg(s) to come over & say hi! The light was so muted that I couldn’t get too excited about it.
Wasn’t a outstanding shoot but still way better than what most people did I’m sure!


I don’t think this guy lives here? If he did,he would of known to stay away from this area!! I don’t even go in there but rarely & of course at high tide! When the tides dropping & your in a area you don’t know,It would be wise to make sure you know what your doing!
It was a bunch of guys out fishing & I suspect drinking? I can see a cup by one of the chairs & I’m betting it wasn’t tea!
They were just walking around checking things out & waiting for the tide to rise. They probably had to wait the better part of 7 hours or so!
This has never happened to me personally,but if it did,I would hope that it wouldn’t happen right in front of the towns eye sight!
Someones ego got taken down a few pegs me suspects!
These pictures are a physical definition of the term “HIGH & DRY”!


They weren’t flying any country flag. Which leads me to think they must of been American! Who else could afford something like this! I have no idea how much this boat cost,but I’m thinking half a mil at least! The wake coming off of this boat was MASSIVE!
She was set up for fishing. You have to have fairly deep pockets to afford a fishing boat like this!

The “Sherman T” Pano’s

The Sherman T had a load of hay destined for Clayoquot Wilderness at the end of Bedwell Sound.
I use to canoe and camp down there but since this resort has parked it’s butt right on the trail( & technically I would be trespassing to go to Strathcona Park) I stay away. I go camping to get away from these places!
The hay is for the horses they have. They take rich clients on horses up into Strathcona Park. They have their own road(use to be the parks) into the park and your not allowed to camp in the park without checking with them first to make sure that they do not have any guests going in that day.
Money talks and I walk………away!

The ” Sherman T “

This landing marine vessel is owned by “Clayoquot Wilderness”. Clayoquot Wilderness is a remote resort north of Tofino that only the rich can afford. Well………you and I “can” use it if you want to fork out $1700 a night to sleep in a glorified prospectors tent!
As a X geologist,I have used those type of tents many times! Of course they would have power,silk pillows etc and such.
Glad to see someone’s got money out there!
This is their landing vessel that they use to transport large cargo. Looks like they have several cars and a large wrapped something on todays load.