About Tofino Photography

Tofino Photography captures the life in the small west coast village of Tofino, British Columbia, Canada through wildlife, landscape and seascape photos.
– I am interested in the surrounding local flora/fauna and try to get out in my boat as often as I can.
I started my photography after taking a one year course in my home town in 1973.
I use my Darkroom to do my own films and prints and shoot digitally as well.
I like to stay in the background and let my pictures speak for me.
They do a much better job !
However,if you wish to contact me,just click on the “Leave a Reply” below.

(btw:if your another blogger & want to join my blog thinking  that I’ll join your blog,…..sorry it doesn’t work that way with me)

Photo Credit: The two shots of me silhouetted against the clouds were taken by Adrian Dorst.(2009)
The water fall (Golden Falls,Oregon) shot was taken by Stuart May.(yes,that red dot is me!)(2008)
The Athabasca glacier shot Eric Battersby.(1983)
The boat shot by Andy Poulton. (2010)

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87 thoughts on “About Tofino Photography

  1. Hey ! Really awesome pictures of movie stars on May 14th! Do you have any pics of the other star… Simon? Ha ha, cool if you can send some pics of me -thanks, Simon.

  2. Hi ,
    Absolutely beautiful pictures! Last weekend you gave my parents some pictures of my Damon, flying. If possible, I would love to meet up with you to get a few more for his partner Rima and myself.
    Thank you for the very kind and meaningful gift….


  3. Wow man, incredible stuff. Your a lucky man to live in such a beautiful part of the world. You do a remarkable job of capturing the essence of Tofino. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Last july I spent 2 days in incredible beautiful Tofino (I was too long in Vancouver because I did not know how beautiful it is on Vancouver Island) and sure do hope I can comeback someday all the way from Germany.
    If i would be 20 years younger I would have stayed there and settled down. The nature is overwhelming, but I also loved all the places in and around Tofino.
    Thank you for sharing your very nice photos.

  5. Hi! It’s me Chris – I told you I would follow up and check out your website! Great meeting you at the market on Saturday in Tofino…… still giving some thought to your offer to photograph me ;) You have a great talent for capturing things at the right time – keep up the great work. Until our paths cross again…

  6. Hi There, I was wondering if I would be able to get one of your pictures emailed to me in hi resolution? I work for tofino air and I have found a really nice picture you took of me flying the Beaver, and I would like to get it printed for a friend of mine. And I am willing to compensate you if you wish! Drop me a line at apdoughty@gmail.com if you are interested. Thanks!

  7. Would like to buy some of your amazing prints like “sea lion lazy boy” – you are a very talented phographer. Please get back to me. Thanks a bunch! Amy

  8. Tofino Photography is amazing – just got my first prints today – they are stunning!!! Will get many more – so many beautiful memories – thank you very much.

    • Laurie Jensen here from Cermaq Canada. We are interested in buying a print to frame for our office, one we think is yours but I do not see it on your site anymore. Interested in purchaing other photos you have taken as well.

  9. do you have an aerial photo of a fish farm that I could use in a book, with proper permissions/payment? please write me back, thank you.

  10. Wow, you take some amazing shots. I would love to use some of your shots for a project I’m working on. Please contact me to discuss.


  11. hi, love the stunning photography, I wondered if you’d mind sharing your equipment list with us? I’d love to know what lenses you’re using.
    I’m visiting the area very soon from the UK, and fingers crossed I’ll get to see scenes such as the ones you’ve captured
    Cheers :)

    • Apparently your talking about the Cats face beach area. Mckinn is just south of the native village Ahoushat. If Cable beach is to the east,than it has to be on the northern side of Cats Face. That entire area faces to the open ocean,so it is subject to swell & wave. As far as landing there,it would depend upon what the wave situation is for that particular day? During the Summer,the waves are the smallest,so if you were going to land there,during the summer would be the best.
      However,have a plan “B” on hand for a alternate!

  12. Good morning Wayne – I am not sure if you accept awards but I have nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger awards for not just the images that you post but also for bringing the wonderful landscape and wildlife of tofino into our lives. Hopefully the younger generation who see them will also be inspired to safeguard them for the future. I understand that you are very busy and will not be offended if you cannot accept but those who view the post and who do not already follow you will now I am sure. Take care.. Sally https://smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com/2015/01/16/the-very-inspiring-blogger-award-and-the-nominees-are/

  13. Great stuff here… I really love your photo entitled “A Tofino Beach Sunset” dated March 1st, 2015. I am from Port Alberni and it reminds me of the numerous sunset surfs I have had over the years on the Coast. Is this photo available for purchase?

  14. Your fotos are incredible! I have just booked a trip to Port McNeil and the Knight Inlet for 2016, I am looking at going to Tofino from Victoria. We’ve been to the Inlet and Victoria but never Tofino. Your fotos are the impetus.

  15. Beautiful gallery! I would love to purchase a print of an aerial view of Cox Bay/Chesterman’s beach if you do sell prints. Would it be possible to let me know as it’s for a wedding gift. Thank you!

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  17. I always enjoy every photograph you create, Wayne, and so appreciate what it takes to make this incredible art. Thank you for your diligence in displaying the earth at its best.

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  19. My Mom was a fabulous nature photographer who lived in her dark room and her art to many. She had a Nikon with many lenses; waited for a catch light in the eyes; dawn breaking, and dew on a flower or spider web. She would say “Bravo” with great enthusiasm, as I do. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  20. I just arrived in Vancouver today and will be in Tofino primarily for a girls surf/hike trip but would love to get some wildlife viewing in. Is there anywhere you recommend for me to go? I don’t expect to have too much time to get away but would still love to try. Fantastic photographs you have here. Some of my personal favorites were the silhouetted eagles. Thanks so much for any tips/info!

    • I looked at your pictures on Smug Mug.You have a excellent style! Yesterday was the last day to take shots this weekend.I never take shots without the light myself.I’ve already sent you my suggestions.The surf is HUGE & sloppy! Good luck with that! Only Pros out in that stuff!
      The silhouette eagle is Romeo.He’s a friend.

  21. Hi Wayne,

    Lovely shots. We are looking for photographers to help with this year’s Capturing the Coast Photo Contest. Seeking an email address to contact you directly.


    The Raincoast Team

  22. I just have to let you know how absolutely breathtaking your photography is… I am so happy that I have found your blog, and I cannot wait to experience more of your incredible talent. :)

  23. Just beautiful shots! I really like what I have seen so far. Thank you so much for visiting and please come back again, I’m always adding new tunes.


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  25. Hello there,
    I came upon your website while researching about wildlife in the Tofino area. I am a wildlife and nature photographer, planning to visit the area along with my wife. I am quite blown away by the wonderful work you have on your blog, it’s amazing. I have no idea about the local spots for wildlife in the Tofino area. I am curious if you conduct private tours at all?
    Looking forward to your reply.

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