Romeo above

Juliette above

Delilah above

April’s full moon is called a Pink Moon. It’s also been called the spouting moon,egg moon and fish moon.

For me personally,they are all Eagle moons! Finding my eagle friends perched at the top of a tree was perfect! I do not get many chances to capture the full moon and a eagle. All my (Ducks) Eagles must be in a row,….or at least on top of a tree!


76 thoughts on “THE PINK MOON

  1. Fabulous images, Wayne, and I love the way you list out the various names ascribed to this month’s full moon…and then you say that all moons are Eagle moons. You definitely have your priorities straight!

      1. They make us all smile! Earlier today, we watched a small bird flying after a juvenile eagle above our property and just chuckled at the silliness of it all. I think the eagle was flying slow on purpose, because in a few moments he just took off, LOL!

      2. I bet that small bird had a nest near by and had chicks in it?
        That eagle was wondering about nest raiding I bet! They poach nests in the Spring to not only eat but keep their enemies numbers down.

    1. As good as the picture is Thomas when you are present the raw primal energy is 10 fold.
      It’s a life changing experience actually and I feel so very lucky to be able to do this!
      thanks for dropping in!

      1. I was interested to read that the First Nation peoples have recently declared Lull Bay/Hoeya Sound in BC a marine conservation area. I hope it works out for the local wildlife and community.

      2. this is the article I read. I remember it as that’s my birthday.
        “On November 29, 2021, the Mamalilikulla First Nation publicly announced Gwaxdlala/Nalaxdlala (Lull Bay and Hoeya Sound) and the adjacent Lull and Hoeya watersheds as an Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area (IPCA), which is an Indigenous-led conservation initiative that reflects the objectives and needs of the M”

      1. It was my home-buddy niece who cooked it. She just me the recipe.

        It was slow cook in an oven. Meat was almost falling off the bones, when cooked. We could easily scrape off the meat from the bone.

        Slow cooking for ribs is the best way to cook it. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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