I went up to Freedom Cove yesterday. Freedom Cove is a beautiful spot where Wayne Adams and his partner (Katherine) live on a floating garden! Their son Shane also lives there.

Wayne is a famous carver. His works of art are not only highly sought after but are world renown. His speciality is carving of whale bone as well as Woolly Mammoth tusk!

Wayne and his family have called this cove home for over 30 years. A unique paradise to say the least.

Unfortunately Wayne passed away last week. Many of us made a pilgrimage to Freedom Cove yesterday (Tuesday,April 26th,2023) to celebrate his life! It was heartwarming and not without tears.

His wife Katherine gave his eulogy. She mentioned his favorite bird were Hummingbirds and wouldn’t you know it, seconds later a Hummingbird zipped past her!

We all shared our favorite stories of Wayne and then feasted.

I recently bought a drone and thought I’d take a video of the cove and surrounding area. It’s a great video showing the entire cove and floating gardens.

Wayne will be greatly missed!


54 thoughts on “FREEDOM COVE

  1. So very sorry to hear of the loss of Wayne. I am sure you will miss him forever. What a beautiful video of an amazing area of this gorgeous world we inhabit.

      1. I looked up your story in National Geographic. As a nature lover your story is like a beautiful, magical storytale. Your garden and greenhouse are fantastic. You grow more in yourg garden than we do on our half acre. I too am an artist, but Wayne’s carvings are so beautiful. You have beautiful memories to help you get through the coming days of sorrow. God bless you.

  2. How sad that you lost a good friend, Wayne. It sounds like he was an incredible person. And what a lovely spot you showed us with the drone footage. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m sorry to read your friend passed away, Wayne. He and his family sure lived an interesting life on the floating garden (awesome drone footage). How wonderful that a hummer zoomed by to pay its respects during the eulogy! Nature knows. Sidebar, my eagle/bear totem is finally out on our deck presiding over our property. Take good care this week, my friend!

  4. This is a huge loss and sending my sincere condolences to you and Wayne’s family and community. Sounds like his spirit was visiting via the hummingbird. Wow! What an amazing place! had no problems seeing the video.

  5. I”m sorry to read about Wayne, a person who was talented, your good friend and whom shared your name. He would have liked that drone footage … what a beautiful area, especially the island, with boats, the swimming pool – paradise!

      1. I remember you mentioning Wayner in the past. I hope your good memories will carry you through this difficult time. I hate we are getting older and now losing our friends – before it was our parents’ friends or neighbors, etc. … now it is OUR friends.

  6. I’m sorry to hear of your friend’s death. He must have been a very creative and expressive soul. The drone footage clearly shows what a beautiful place Freedom Cove is.

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