I’m convinced one of the reasons people go stir crazy during the dark cold winter nights is because they are not exposed to warm light. When I say warm light I do not mean the actual physical warmth but more the psychological warmth we all recognize and need.

Seeing a picture of a beautiful sunset is one thing but to actually participate in one is pure therapy! A good vaccine against the winter blues.

My friend Romeo and I wish you winter warmth.


67 thoughts on “THERAPY

  1. Thank you very much, Wayne! I agree completely. I use a sunlight lamp when our days reach 19 hours of darkness, but seeing the real thing is wonderful! Our days are becoming much longer now but it’s overcast with lots of snowfall. Your photo is a lovely second to the real thing.

      1. You’re right about that. Plus it sounds like you’ve been having some three dog nights this winter? Three warm puppies would be much warmer than Eagles, too.

      2. Very good thinking. Plus counting sheep is rumored to be a great sleep aid like Nature’s melatonin. We’re looking at up to 11 inches of snow tonight, I’d like to order a flock of sheep, myself.

  2. Hi Wayne, the colours in both these photographs are simply marvelous. South Africa has sunlight all year around, but I do agree that lack of sun and long periods of darkness make people feel depressed.

      1. HI Wayne, it depends on the weather. If the day is very clear and there are no clouds, the sunset/sunrise, is mauve then golden. If there are clouds, we get all the amazing reds, oranges, and pinks.

  3. I’ve never got stir-crazy or “cabin fever” in winter, though winter lasts about six months here, so it’s not bad. I love winter. I get a little depressed in summer with all the sun and dryness and heat. But in winter I get outside as much as I can and make sure wear shorts, barefoot, (or no shirt like I did today), getting the sun on your skin really helps a lot.

  4. So true. I moved to Spain from BC to get more sun! Your photos are fabulous and make me miss BC, in spite of the rain and dark winter days.

  5. Thank you Wayne for this vaccine against the winter blues. Romeo seems to be inviting us all to come fly with him into the sunset. Even though the temperatures are colder, I prefer walking the dogs at sunrise. The combination of watching the sky change color combined with getting to enjoy the first strong rays of light gets the day off to a good start.

      1. Yes the dogs ensure I get my daily allotment of sunshine. But I’m also one of those who thrives when outdoors. Too much indoor time makes me restless and irritable. Thus the dogs give me every excuse to slip outside during the day to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

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