52 thoughts on “UP IN THE CLOUDS

  1. Thank you for sharing Romeo’s jump for joy with us. A person can never have too much joy – same for the birds and beasts. Beautiful framing of a beautiful Eagle in this sequence, Wayne.

    1. thank you Doug! I do not know why but when he’s on this perching spot he doesn’t like me to take his picture!
      When he’s on his throne, he’s cool with me getting close but not that spot.

  2. The photos of Romeo are beautiful, Wayne. I am glad you are getting time to enjoy a visit with an old friend, and enjoy the skies, too. They are quite variable these winter days!

  3. Perfection indeed Wayne! That first photo is absolutely breathtaking. The majesty of the picture got the main theme from the movie “The Man from Snowy River” running through my head.

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