I wasn’t sure what to call this post, as I’m not sure exactly what to talk about?

On one hand,I want to talk about how the best beach shots are done at sunset after a large rainstorm.or how important water is in our lives or how we all should agree upon one thing….being optimistic about our common future!

Your voice…..



  1. Stunning beach scene, Wayne. I love the reflections and the god rays…And your theme of Optimism. From a poem I like:

    ‘Life spreads itself across
    the ceiling to make you think
    you are penned in, but that
    is just another gift. Life takes
    what you thought you couldn’t live
    without and gives you a heron instead.

    On the Meaning of (excerpt)
    Linda Back McKay
    The Next Best Thing: Poems”

    Nature is resilient and we have much to feel optimistic about.

  2. Love this beach sunset photo, Wayne. The dark clouds contrasting with the sun, the silhouette, and the beautiful reflection of the sunset on the water. Some of the best times come after a storm!

  3. Hi Wayne, great commentary – short, sharp and eagle eyed. I agree that people must be optimistic and hopeful, it is destructive to yourself and those around you to be otherwise. I also think we can all do our little bit to try and get our voice heard. You do that through your wonderful pictures and blog. I have just finished a book of poetry called Lion Scream which is about wildlife and the Sixth Mass Extinction. That is one of my efforts to voice my views and, hopefully, share some information to people about what’s happened here in Africa with our wild animals. Hugs.

    1. I thought about your title Robbie. I like how you used your title as a metaphoric bridge to join the animal world and our world.
      Lions normally roar and humans normally are the ones screaming.
      What is happening in South Africa is but one piece of this environmental puzzle we call Earth.

  4. Just an amazing photo, Wayne. Makes me think of a “new beginning” with the light colors and sun rays and couple looking on. You’re always capturing the beach in a new light. Can’t help but attach emotions to such beauty. Thanks for sharing. Marilyn

  5. Wow, I see what you mean about the sunset after a rain. This photo is beautiful. Water is extremely important in our lives and we definitely can’t live without it. Here is to a great year in 2023.

    1. With regards to water……there is freshwater on the beach, saltwater in the ocean and water in the clouds…… the majority of us is water!
      When we pass, the water in our bodies goes back into the mix to create new life!

  6. It is a perfect title and a beautiful photo, Wayne. I have a lot of hope for 2023. 2022 for me is best described as a roller coaster ride in an amusement park I do not wish to visit ever again. :-)

    I was out this morning watching dawn break, the daily miracle of the night sky and its stellar companions rolling away to the west as a new day begins.

  7. Yes! Beautiful photo, Wayne!
    2023, The Year of Miracles!
    Whatever we focus on expands. Something to think about, isn’t it?
    Life is good!
    And Love is always the answer. 🤗💞

  8. Beautiful photo Wayne. My thoughts: we should all be like this couple … looking ahead, thinking about our future, whether it is for ourselves or about our planet, because if we don’t stop taking it for granted and start caring about our planet, the landscape will be forever changed and the beauty of this scene lost forever.

  9. Optimism. A apt title for this photograph Wayne and one to embrace each day. Seeing the rays of sun streaming down from heavy storm clouds always unleashes a sense of hope within me.

  10. I love the promise your photo inspires, Wayne. The sunset breaking through the clouds to bathe those lovers in its benevolent light. The peace and sanctity of your beautiful beach. It’s hard not to feel hopeful with a view like that {{hugs}}

  11. Absolutely stunning photo, Wayne. I never thought about beaches at sunset after a rainstorm, and here you have clearly proven your point–truly the best sight. I love the way you captured those rays radiating out of the sun.

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