My fine feathered friend “The Daredevil” and I wish you all great health for next year!


76 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR

  1. Wow, what a great shot of the Daredevil! Thank you, Wayne! Wishing you and all of your precious little friends a healthy, happy 2023! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photographs with us all. πŸ€—πŸ’ž

      1. It’s a small island between Tofino and the Native village Opitshat. It is Romeo and Juliette’s nest island…..or was up to 5 years ago. The nest failed and so they moved to Beck island.

  2. Happy New Year Wayne! May 2023 hold many days of perfect lighting, fantastic cloud formations, and cooperative creatures as you embark on another year of photos. Thank you for generously sharing with us the wonder and beauty you capture with your camera.

      1. Now that would quite a find wouldn’t it Wayne? My all-news station has been doing a recap of local news stories from 2022. So I was on their site and some people to agree there is a Bigfoot. I’ll send you the link to the story in a separate comment.

      2. Until someone hauls out a carcass from the bush,I’m agnostic when It comes to the BIG guy.
        I cannot see thousands of these creatures wandering around and nobody can get one “clear” shot of it. Plus, they must die naturally, so skeletal remains would give evidence as well. The believers say they gather up all the bones and take them with them. Ok, then that means there must be these huge caves full of bones that nobody has ever explored.
        It just doesn’t add up?

      3. I’m not sure I believe it either and it is just a myth, but … why would people lose their credibility by saying they saw it? There will always be doubters Wayne.

  3. Happy new year, Wayne! Though I’ve been absent most of the. Year, I’m back and looking forward to more of your beautiful shots. It’s your connection to the creatures that I find most alluring…carry on!

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