This is the Daredevil. He is the most acrobatic eagle I have ever known. Many times he catches me off guard with his lightning quick maneuvers! In the eagle world he would be akin to Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Which is why I chose that name for him.

For their size eagles are remarkably agile! I felt lucky to get this sequence.

58 thoughts on “ABOUT FACE

    1. I swear he gets a kick out of fooling me! He fooled me twice on this particular shoot.
      I love getting to know a wild animal well enough that I can guess what they are going to do but no matter how long I know the Daredevil he always surprises me!

    1. thank you Hans but you need to know half the shots failed. The speed is just too much for me to grab onto him. It’s one of the reasons why I never close my left eye when I shoot. I can track him better.

      1. I have got the same problem, hard to find them in the small camera shotingarea, especially when you reaches 500-600 mm on the zoom lens.

      2. I use a 28-105 lens for my eagles. Trying to capture something so fast with such a small field of view would be near impossible. I learned that a long time ago.
        So to overcome this I’ve found If I get to know the eagle first it’ll be easier to photograph as It won’t fly away. Plus the shorter focal length has huge depth of field! Which almost guarantees it’ll be in focus!
        I think very few people do what I do as they are not interested in investing so many years into getting to know eagles but I find It very rewarding personally!

      1. Hi Wayne, we have the Martial Eagle which is the biggest of the South African eagles. We also have the African crowned eagle. There is a pair of Verreaux or Black eagles that nest at our local botanical gardens.

  1. So glad I stumbled on your blog. I can live the my dream of being an outdoor photographer through your photos. Daredevil is what a human acrobat would aspire to. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Yes, in the Bavarian Alps, just about 60 Kilometers away from here, from Munich, there are some Baldies – thank heaven that they are back again! As well golden eagles, their population grew in the last thirty years – thank heaven for that, too!

  2. New here- I must say, your photographer’s eye for catching incredible moments is stellar. I’ve never seen such pristine photos of an eagle. Very cool!

  3. These are amazing shots of The Daredevil Wayne. I’m always amazed by the wingspan and that fourth picture of the feathers flared at the bottom. This eagle loves posing for you!

  4. Air brakes. Don’t have that squealing tire and asphalt scraping sound. Great images Wayne. Missing you from austin. Closed the business last year. Still sorting it all out.

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